List of the most famous myths about dairy products

Since childhood, we all know that milk and dairy products are a source of useful and necessary substances for the body. But over time, with the advent of modern technology and additives, these utilities often began to be questioned. That is why today we decided to dispel several of the most popular myths.

Frequent delusions

One of the biggest delicacies of children half a century ago was a glass of fresh milk and bread with jam, or cottage cheese with honey. No sweets, cookies and other pastry delights could compare with them.

But times change, and fresh milk has become a rare product on the tables of modern people. And with it came a large number of myths.

We suggest looking at this list together:

  1. Milk is useful at any age. It turns out that far from it. For children, this is really a necessary product, and it can be consumed as soon as such a desire arises. But from the age of 25 it’s not worth overdoing it, and older people generally need to strictly determine the optimal amount for consumption.The reason is that with age, the level of enzymes in the human body gradually decreases, which helps break down lactase, thereby impairing the absorption of nutrients.
  2. Cottage cheese helps strengthen bones. There is as much truth here as fiction. To help strengthen the bones products with low fat content - a maximum of 15%. Only in this case can you be sure of the complete assimilation of calcium and phosphorus necessary for bones.
  3. Yogurts are very helpful. And again we say that this statement is a myth, but, fortunately, half as well. Only those yogurts that did not succumb to heat treatment (it “kills” the beneficial bacteria) can be beneficial. Identify the "right" product can be shelf life. The less it is, the more benefit yogurt will bring.
  4. Fat-free products carry no benefit. This is a ridiculous delusion. In fact, there is no completely skimmed milk or cottage cheese, and even the minimum content of animal fats makes it possible to obtain the necessary nutrients.
  5. Those who suffer from intolerance to lactose, dairy products are contraindicated.If you suffer from partial intolerance, in particular lactose from whole milk, this is not a reason to completely abandon the "milk". Just go to the use of dairy products and lactose-free milk. The benefit of modern technology has taken care of their availability on the shelves of almost all large stores.
  6. From the dairy get better. Those who struggle with obesity should not deny themselves the pleasure of eating a glass of milk or yogurt, but on the condition that their fat content is less than 3.5%. The fact is that the fat that you remove from the diet begins to be replaced by other components, and often it is sugar or carbohydrates. But they certainly do not contribute to weight loss.
  7. Pasteurization kills all the nutrients. Another common myth. In fact, pasteurization is not boiling. Its goal is to maximize the reduction of pathogenic microorganisms, which can subsequently cause various diseases.

A more modern way of "processing" is ultrapasteization. In the process, the product is heated to a temperature of about 150 degrees, kept in this state for a few seconds, and then cooled rapidly.It gives the chance to keep freshness and useful properties longer.

When it comes to benefits, there is always a place for true and false beliefs. But today, having learned a few important facts, you are one step closer to the truth.

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