Little Bird of Yarn

Making alittle bird out of yarn. Using various colors of a yarn, and also mixing them very lovely little birds with various patterns turn out. The process is easy and fun and is perfect for co-creation with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn of 3-4 colors;
  2. cardboard;
  3. scissors;
  4. ruler;
  5. 2 beads (eyes);
  6. glue;
  7. wire;
  8. The needle and the black thread.

Step 1

We cut out 3 rectangles 4-5 cm wide from cardboard, and two 9 cm long rectangles and one 12 cm long. The size of the cardboard rectangles depends on the size of the birdies.

Next, take the yarn and wind it on a cardboard rectangle (see photo). The width of the wound yarn is about 1 cm. It is not necessary to wind the yarn of the same color onto one rectangle, you can use the yarn of several colors - this way the bird's pattern is more interesting.


  • for a rectangle with a length of 12 cm, it is better to use dark colors of yarn - this will be the top of the bird;
  • for a single rectangle 9 cm long, light colors are the bottom of the bird;
  • for another rectangle with a length of 9 cm it’s better to mix a few colors of yarn - these are wings.

Then firmly holding the yarn on one side of the rectangle, scissor the yarn on the other side.

It turned out 3 bundles of yarn: top, bottom and wings of a bird. A bundle of yarn for the wings in the middle of a small piece of yarn and tie a knot.

Step 2

We connect the top and bottom of the bird.

Take a bundle of dark yarn (the longest) and put a bundle of light yarn on it.

Then the bundle of dark yarn is folded in half, we cut off a piece of yarn, tightly tighten the threads of dark yarn and tie a knot. We do the same with a bundle of light yarn.

Step 3

We join the wings.

Take a bunch of yarn for the wings and place it between light and dark.

Now we take a small piece of paper, about half of an A4 sheet, crush it into a little oval-shaped lump.

This lump of paper is placed in the middle of the body, see photo Step 3.1.Wrapping a paper ball, we collect all the yarn in one bundle, we tie it with a piece of yarn of any color and we tie a knot.

Use scissors to carefully thread the protruding yarn.

Step 4

Cut out a small square of orange cardboard and turn it into a bag - it will be a beak. Apply glue on the beak and glue it to the head.

We make paws for the bird from the wire - everything is just see the photo. To attach the legs to the body, bend the wire from the other end and insert between the threads.

We take 2 beads and sew them to the head of the bird with a needle and a black thread.

All,a little bird of yarnis ready.

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