Loft - an interesting style for your home.

If you started repairing in your home and do not know how to turn bored gray walls into something original, interesting and unusual, then at the very time you will learn about the existence of such an interesting and popular current trend in the world of home interiors, like a loft.

At first glance, this brainchild of the poorest people in America may seem strange and uncertain: coarse and unworked walls, vast spaces and gray paint combined with ultramodern furniture and appliances. And, you know, what's the most interesting? The result of this “cooperation” is excellent, amazing and impressive.

Dream apartment

The “loft” style has purely American roots, even if you look into the English-Russian dictionary, you can find that “loft” is translated as “loft” or “upper apartment”.

In the interior of the apartment, he did not appear immediately, initially it was the real abandoned factory premises or factories that were converted into housing.The idea of ​​using industrial buildings appeared in the 40s of the last century in the Manhattan area.

The thing is that at that time housing prices in the center of the city quickly went up, and various factory buildings began to be transferred to the outskirts.

The vacated premises in the city center have not been empty for a long time, people of art and young people willingly moved into them, who were pleased with the functional characteristics of such housing (high ceilings, huge windows), as well as reasonable prices for its rent, compared to ordinary apartments.

This minimalism

For some 10 years, workshops and factory premises have come a long way of transformation, and by the 50s, these were already stylish and incredibly fashionable premises in which all the aristocracy of New York began to focus, life was in full swing here!

Art exhibitions were held here, friendly meetings and parties were organized, many artists began to open their own art galleries and studios in similar premises, a few more years passed, and the status of elite and expensive housing was firmly attached to loft rooms.

It was simply too expensive for ordinary artists and young people to rent huge areas of premises in historical areas of the city, wealthy people, lawyers, financiers and businessmen took their place.

Loft in the premises of modern apartments

Today, the loft style is becoming popular with us, however, most developers are much easier to demolish the old factory buildings, and in their place to build a large number of compact new buildings.

A lot of white

Few people decide to undertake the restoration of old plants or factories, but still there are similar cases. Also recently, a special place in this direction has become a stylization of "loft", that is, the premises are used ordinary, but the entire interior and decor is created with a hint of its main characteristics.

Great view from the window

Features of the interior in the loft style are combined, at first glance, completely incompatible elements of decor, furniture and technology, it is here you can experiment and not be afraid that you will be caught in bad taste.

The design of any room, be it a kitchen or a living room, begins with a dazzling white ceiling, which should recreate the feeling of maximum spaciousness and light in the room. The next moment is the walls that must be made in the best traditions of semi-abandoned factory buildings.

Classic combination of colors

The most favorite design move is a “bare” brick wall or smooth concrete, devoid of signs of any decor. It is not necessary to get to the real bricks or concrete slabs of which the house is built, you can decorate the walls with imitation masonry, and part of the space can be treated with a smooth white emulsion or rough plaster.

Sometimes, so that the room does not look too bare, it is supplemented with a single contrasting and colorful wall that performs not only decorative functions, but also serves as a means for distinguishing certain zones in the room.

Interior for a creative personality

The thing is that the loft style does not recognize spatial restrictions, the motto sounds simple: “at least partitions - maximum freedom!”. That is why there is an open plan pursued, the walls are almost absent, the room is zoning, mainly due to color contrasts, light design or furniture arrangement.

In all the photographs, where the style in question is depicted, one can pay attention to the wooden floor or wooden floor, which is a real highlight of the loft style.

Who will use this design?

  • First of all, for free artists, architects or designers, people of creativity and art who do not recognize strict rules and regulations, and this style just allows you to do the opposite, decorate and decorate your home exactly the way you like it. In such a room is very appropriate to organize various exhibitions, shows and parties.
  • For the budget. It is not a secret for anyone that the interior in the loft style will not require any special expenses from you, all the decoration is carried out according to the rule: the simpler the better. There is no need to use ultramodern and expensive furniture, do you have in your garage old dusty grandmother's pier? Perfectly! It fits perfectly into the overall concept of "loft", adding to your home notes of light vintage.
  • For young people: this age category of people more than others has a craving for self-expression and originality, and the considered style in the interior best helps to protest against banality and generally accepted norms.

How to make such an interior at home?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the details: if the walls and the floor are ready for you, then work on the furniture: it can be any, as long as it is not of a “bourgeois” type.The most commonly used metal or painted metal elements of the decor, also welcomes the wooden furniture of dark and light colors.

Perfect design

In general, in the loft style calm and cold shades prevail, for example, blue, gray, metallic, white, black and so on. Sometimes, for a special contrast, bright color contrasts can be used: purple puffs, a red sofa or juicy pillows.

Pay attention to the windows: they should be large and wide, preferably to the floor, without curtains and curtains, can only be used ordinary blinds, and then, in rare cases. As for audio and video equipment, the latest trends of fashion and progress are pursued here - wide plasmas, supernova music centers and stereos.

For large area design

Do not forget about non-standard accessories: strange graffiti and figurines, paintings and posters with abstraction, even road signs, old tanks that could remain after the closure of the factory in which this new loft originated can come up.

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