Longitudinal position of the fetus: features and precautions

What does the longitudinal position of the fetus mean?

The position of the fetus in the womb, the woman finds out, getting the results of ultrasound. Not all women understand the findings of doctors. Therefore, many are beginning to get nervous and worry about the condition and development of the child. The longitudinal position of the fetus is considered the most normal and correct. This position of the child is observed in most expectant mothers. In this position of the fetus, there are most good chances for a healthy and normal delivery. The longitudinal position of the fetus means that the axis, that is, a straight line along the spine of the fetus, is strictly along the axis of the uterus.

Preposition fetus

In the longitudinal position of the fetus, there are two cases of presentation - head and pelvic. Headache indicates the ideal conditions for the development of the child and childbirth. Since the baby is lying head down, childbirth will be the least painful.This is the most frequent stat of the presentation of the fetus. It can be found in about 95 percent of pregnancy cases. The remaining five percent of pregnant women have a pelvic presentation of the fetus. In this case, the birth will be pathological. If the child is small and the woman has sufficient pelvic size to pass the child’s head, then she can give birth to the child naturally.

Pelvic presentation of the fetus

Pelvic presentation of the fetus can lead to complications during natural childbirth. Although such a case of presentation of the fetus is quite rare. And only in extreme cases, a woman can give birth naturally. This is due to the fact that childbirth is often difficult.

Precautions when pelvic presentation of the fetus

In order to avoid complications during natural childbirth, it is necessary that the process proceeded quickly. Every second is appreciated here. A woman will need strong attempts. Children born in the case of pelvic presentation of the fetus must be observed by an orthopedist for up to a year. The specialist will be able to monitor the development of the hip spine. Also, pelvic presentation of the fetus can lead to bleeding during childbirth. This is dangerous not only for the child, but also for the mother.Until the end of the second trimester of pregnancy, the child changes its position up to ten times a day. Over time, the uterus becomes cramped. Already closer to the upcoming genera, the fetus takes a specific position. Expectant mothers need to know about such trifles in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

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