Love is ... what does it mean to love?

The word "love" is often used by people. It is pronounced everywhere: “I love the sea”, “I love walks in the forest”, “I love apples”. But if you ask a person the question “what does it mean to love?”, Then rarely anyone will give a clear and precise answer. Let's try to find out what this feeling really is.

What is love not?

There are many meanings of love, but not all of them are fair. People are often mistaken, taking for love feelings that have nothing to do with it. There are a lot of common misconceptions, here are the main ones:

  • Love is a consequence of sexual attraction.The fallacy of this conclusion is obvious. In addition to the relationship between a man and a woman, there are other manifestations of this state - the love of a parent and child, the love of friends, the love of people whose sex life has already died away. You can love a person, sexual desire for which is absurd a priori.
  • All are able to love without exception.Over time, love overtakes everyone, but not everyone is able to keep this state. Only adults who are spiritually holistic and have conquered their passions and affections can gain love.2
  • There is love at first sight.Immediately there is only a feeling of love, but the state of love is more complicated. To achieve true love can only be a long joint effort.
  • Sex helps love.Undoubtedly, sexual relations reinforce love, create an invisible, but tangible connection between a man and a woman. But be that as it may, the path to love does not lie through sexual desire, but through friendship, spiritual intimacy.
  • To love is to sacrifice yourself for the good of your loved ones.In fact, by sacrificing himself, a person comforts his own pride and teaches the object of love not to take into account his interests. Love cannot claim sacrifice. This feeling does not destroy the personality that is capable of making sacrifice, but on the contrary, increases the potential.

In addition, love does not imply a constant joint pastime. Being from time to time apart is necessary. This does not mean that the feeling has gone out. Being all the time together, people lose the opportunity to look at their loved one with different eyes, to bring something new to the relationship. Meeting friends and short trips without a “second half” will only enrich love.

Get rid of the misconceptions about love that only hinder the development of this beautiful feeling.

What does it mean to love?

It is impossible to determine what it means to love. The state of love includes many components. Correct love relationships necessarily include specific definitions. So, love means ...

  • ... understand and know your loved one. Take its pros and cons. Know the contradictions characteristic of his nature. To be aware of what is happening in his soul and thoughts. To know and accept a person as he is, without a social mask;4
  • ... take care of the welfare of a loved one. Caring in a relationship where love is present does not exert pressure and does not make the object of the senses a property. Caring encompasses the development of a loved one's personality. It does not restrict freedom, but gives it. Sincere love is a springboard for the realization of the possibilities of two;
  • ... respect the dignity of a loved one. The lover sees an independent person in the object of love. In love, there is no place for perseverance in changing the thoughts and values ​​of a partner. Sincere relationships do not allow the suppression of human dignity.There is no parasitism and selfish satisfaction of one's own needs at the expense of the individuality of the other;
  • ... take responsibility for each other. This does not mean that the lover does what he is able to do for the object of love. Responsibility in love implies the realization that the actions of one reflect on the other. Have an impact. Taking responsibility in a relationship - to understand that words and actions can offend a loved one, offend and "knock out of the saddle";
  • ... improve yourself and your loved one. Love makes people better. This is the motivation to achieve goals and personal growth. Loving people contribute to the development of each other, share their own experiences and care, without diminishing the values ​​of each, as an individual;
  • ... be faithful to your loved one. Devotion is not synonymous with sacrifice. This is the willingness to be near both in difficult times and in moments of joy;3
  • ... trust your loved one and yourself. It means to unconditionally believe that a loved one does not cause suffering, that feeling is mutual. Loving people do not need to pretend and hide thoughts and mental state. Self-confidence is also important.How can you fall in love with a person who does not trust himself?
  • ... be able to accept the shortcomings of a loved one. True love is never cloudless. In a relationship there comes a period when obsession with cons leads to a feeling of emptiness. It must be remembered that there are difficulties and to find the strength to accept a person with his inconsistencies to the ideal.

Sincere love is a gift that does not require anything in return. Love is paradoxical. After becoming one, each of the lovers remains an individual. Love does not tolerate complete control. Turning into everyday life, this feeling can die. Do not follow the path of predictability, surprise your loved ones, and then true love will not lose passion and sensuality.

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