Lower back pain: causes and treatment

Back pain can occur for a variety of reasons. Among them are injuries, changes in the ligament apparatus, muscle spasm. But most often the problem lies in the spine. Moreover, we are accustomed to write off the pain that has arisen for osteochondrosis, and the most common disease that causes pain syndrome is spondyloarthrosis, a disease that destroys cartilage in the joints of the spine.

Spondyloarthrosis can occur in any part of the back, but the most vulnerable is the loins. Even if we do not make any movements, the load on the lumbar region is higher than, say, the cervical. If we take actions, then the load increases many times.

Osteochondrosis can also be a lumbar pain provocateur, but it happens less often. The situation may exacerbate intervertebral hernia. However, during examination, it is often found that there are several causes of pain.One patient may have spondylarthrosis, osteochondrosis, vertebral hernia, and muscle spasms. For this reason, doctors insist on complex treatment.

The first task in the event of any pain is to reduce it. To do this, use drugs that eliminate muscle spasm - muscle relaxants, as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However, these drugs only eliminate the symptoms, but do not cure the disease itself, which means that the pain may return again, and the main diseases will progress. Also, these drugs have many contraindications, and therefore their reception can be only in the minimum dose and only in the acute period.

Preparations from the group of chondroprotectors help solve the problem with the spine. They inhibit the destruction of cartilage tissue, restore it, saturate with moisture and help hold it. And even these drugs a few weeks after the start of administration, they show an anesthetic effect, which makes it possible to refuse NSAIDs, moreover, they have practically no side effects.

For a long period of time, doctors believed that in case of back pain, bed rest should be observed.Now this approach is recognized not only ineffective, but also dangerous. Bed rest can last a maximum of a couple of days, after which you should return to your previous activity. Otherwise, the muscles relaxed in the prone position will weaken, and when returning to the vertical position, the load on the vertebrae will increase more than before the disease.

Special gymnastics is mandatory in the treatment of lumbar pain. The doctor will assign exercises in each case. Do not forget about the back after the course of treatment is over. It would be good to sign up for the pool, and if this is not possible, then walking will be a useful exercise for strengthening the back.

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