Luxury painting in the interior

Have you ever been to a 3D movie theater? Surely you were struck by the volume of the "picture", as if coming down from the screen into the hall? Do you want your apartment to look like a 3D movie? Then order an art list of walls and ceiling!

The smooth surface does not change to the touch, but visually turns into a panorama that stretches into the distance. While in the room, you will not feel the limitations of the space, as the technology used in these cases allows you to create the effect of not a flat, but a three-dimensional image. A professionalpainting artistwill be able to turn a room into a terrace of a Mediterranean house, from which a sea perspective opens: light waves rush into the sky, seagulls flash in the sky, a flock of dolphins accompany the sailing yacht gliding along the water surface.

Or, if you prefer a tropical landscape, then one of the walls will lead away from the jungle dazzling with tropical flowers, where colorful parrots sat on the branches of the trees, and in the gap between the trunks streams of a waterfall fall down from the ledge.

The living room can turn into a Baroque palace gallery or a Gothic knight’s hall of a medieval castle. And all the details will be written out so clearly that the walls seem to be folded from the hewn stone, and the banners painted on them will look slightly shaking in the draft.

If the painting takes up more than one wall, and "steps" to the neighboring walls or ceiling, the artist pre-creates a sketch on the computer, so that the future owner can imagine how things will look "in real life."

Greatartistic painting of walls in the interiorof any style: from classics to minimalism. In a fashion now stylization under east interiors, Japanese style and a fantasy. If desired, you can order frescoes that will be artificially aged due to a special artistic technique and special paints. Your guests will be surprised to be in such a room, and will appreciate the taste of the host.

Very often, artists receive orders for finishing children. Indeed, the child’s room can be made simply amazing if you order a similar design for it.The kid will feel comfortable surrounded by the heroes of his favorite cartoons, the teenager will have to taste the room-concert hall, recording studio, car showroom or stadium. Among the popular scenes - all kinds of landscapes.

If there is no desire to completely paint the wall, then you can order a small fragment, for example, the design of the niche, door or window opening. The doors and windows of “snag” look original, so using a similar visual effect, you can make the room brighter.

Examples ofwall paintingcan be found on the Internet. The site was created by professional artists who offer to get acquainted with their work and decide whether there is a desire to introduce some zest in the interior. Art painting will be performed at a high level using only safe paints. Excellent color rendition has acrylic, which allows you to achieve smooth transitions, the depth of the picture will give tempera. At the request of the customer can be used materials glowing in the dark. This will create a starry sky effect or fireflies flickering in the grass.

Trusting the work of specialistsYou will get excellent results in the stipulated time. The duration and cost of the work depends on their size and the required detail. The interior of your house will be unique, admirable and surprising.

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