Macaroni tea set

Everyone loves pasta, because they are very fast to cook and easy to combine with different products. Yes, their taste has long been appreciated. But who would have thought that pasta can be an excellent material for creativity. Original crafts come out of this product. You can make a frame for a photo or even a whole panel of vermicelli. To work with such material you can even attract your children. Draw an image, spread it with glue and start filling the space. What is interesting, they are now producing pasta of various lengths, shapes and sizes. I was more interested in the "wheels", they are conveniently glued together in various forms. I bring to your attention a step-by-step master-class on making a tea set: a cup, a saucer and a spoon. Prepare for work: - grapes-shaped pasta 250 grams; - tube of PVA glue; - cup and saucer; - plastic bags.
 Prepare for work
First you need to wrap a plastic bag in a saucer and a cup.To do this, it is best to turn the saucer upside down and cover it with polyethylene. And in the cup it is important to place the package in the middle.
 wrap with plastic bag
 wrap with plastic bag
 wrap with plastic bag
Now take the saucer, apply a little glue at the very bottom. Begin to stick the "wheels". One place in the center, then spread around it 5 macaroni. The next row will need 12 pieces.
 Start sticking
Continue sticking pasta, gradually going down to the edges of the saucer. It is important to apply glue not only on polyethylene, but also on the joint between macaroni.
 Continue sticking pasta
Once the entire surface of the saucer is filled, put on top a drop of glue (namely, at the junction).Plus, glue 7 pieces on the second row from the center, so that the pasta saucer will be on a low stand.
 Continue pasting pasta
Place the blank near the battery to make the glue faster dried up Better to leave for the night. When everything is dry and firmly glued, it is necessary to carefully remove the pasta saucer from polyethylene. It turns out that's such a beauty.
the surface of the saucer will be filled
Fill the cup with macaroni from the middle. Similarly, we must put one in the center, then 5 things for the second round, then 12 for the next round.
 Fill the cup with macaroni from the middle
As soon as you fill the entire surface of the cup, do not forget to paste all the joints of the pasta with glue on top. To create edges, you can glue spirals along the entire perimeter.
 fill the entire surface of the cup
Place the workpiece overnight near the battery.When the glue is completely dry, remove the pasta from polyethylene. This is the cup that turns out.
 Place the billet for the night
It only remains to make a handle of 6 ringlets glued together for one edge and glue it side of the tank. The cup is also ready.
make a pen
You only need to glue a spoon. From 7 rings, fold a small circle, and 5 macaroni will be needed to form the handle. Put everything on a plastic bag and wait until the glue dries. The spoon is ready.
glue a spoon
Make a tea set. This craft will be a great decoration for your kitchen or dining room.
 Tea set from pasta
If you have a lot of free shelves in the kitchen, then such handicrafts you can make three or even six, plus a kettle. If you want to give color to work, then buy paint in a balloon (gold or silver) and paint the set.

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