Maintenance and care of the Siamese seaweed

Siamese seaweed - fish is not only beautiful, but also useful. It cleans the aquarium from the attack of algae and does not require special conditions for maintenance.

Siamese Seaweed Content

Siamese seaweed is a tropical freshwater fish. Its dimensions reach 7–10 cm. Life expectancy is 8–10 years. A jagged black stripe runs along the entire body. She goes to the very tip of the tail, and begins at the mouth. In addition, the fish has a antennae. These two signs will help to determine the true Siamese algae from the false.

Siamese seaweed
For the maintenance of Siamese algae, plant a large number of plants in the aquarium.
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For fish you need a spacious aquarium. The recommended volume is at least 80–100 l. Provide good aeration and filtration in the aquarium, since the algae does not tolerate the accumulation of organic waste. Fishes also need to provide an undercurrent.

The water in the aquarium should have the following indicators:

  • temperature 24–27 С;
  • acidity 6–8;
  • stiffness 6–20.

Each week, substitute a third of old water for fresh, although the fish easily adapts to changing conditions.

Fish prefers vegetable food. Algae scrape off low algae from stones, driftwood, plant leaves and aquarium glass. He is Vietnamese, red and other algae that are not favored by other cleaner fish. He likes spirulina granules, sliced ​​fruits and vegetables: zucchini, spinach, cucumbers and apples. He eats live, dry and frozen food with pleasure.

Algae are very jumping, so cover the aquarium with glass or a lid.

Algae-eaters rarely breed in the aquarium. For this, they need running water and hormone injections. Most diseases occur with poor water quality and poor diet.

Compatibility of the Siamese Algae Eater with other fish

Fish feel good in a flock of their own kind. Get 5-6 pieces of the same individuals. If the number of algae eaters is less, then a weaker specimen will be attacked by their relatives.

Inside their flock of small fish like small disassembly, however, it does not harm them.But other residents of the aquarium may be frightened by this behavior.

To create a calm atmosphere, start a flock of algae, consisting of 5-6 pieces.

Algae is aggressive only in relation to his fellows and to those who, by their constitution, resembles the algae itself. Therefore, it is not recommended to occupy it, for example, with Labo. He can show his character to smaller fish. Do not place it in the vicinity of aggressive fish.

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