Making the blue shine box

This box will serve for storing creams, hairpins, elastics, and other hair ornaments.
 making a box
For work we need: - scissors. - empty box. - fabric. - ribbons of different widths, blue hues and a little green. - garland of blue beads. - thread with a needle. - Moment glue.
- corrugated paper.
 Take the cardboard box
Take the carton and carefully pasted over with a cloth with glue" Moment "the entire outer surface. And give time to dry.
 paste over with cloth
In the meantime, let's start making flowers out of ribbons. We take a blue ribbon 5 cm wide and 40 cm long.
 We take the blue ribbon
Take and bend the corner by 90 degrees and fix it with a needle.
bend the corner
Twist the bent corner,along the length of the tape and fasten with a needle.
 We twist a curved corner
Holding the bottom of a future flower, turn the ribbon up and immediately scroll the flower clockwise, fasten each curl needle with thread.
turn the ribbon
How many turns we will have as many petals as a flower.
 How many turns we make
Having made several petals, we fix ready flower.
 Making a few petals
 Having made several petals
In the same way we make three large flowers. You can have different shades of blue.
 we make three big flowers
And now we take tapes 2.5 cm wide and 30 cm long. And we make four flower These flowers are smaller in size.
 we make three big flowers
 we make four flowers
Now we sew these flowers alternately to the cover of our box. sew to cover our casket
 we sew to the lid of our casket We fix three large roses next to each other in the lower right corner.
 We fix three big roses
We fix three large roses
Nearby we fix two small roses.
We fix three big roses
 fix two little roses
 we fix two small roses Now we take green tape width of 1 cm.  take a green ribbon Make a curl that resembles a petal.We introduce the needle from the wrong side and put it inside out, cut off and leave small tails.  Making a curl
 fix with a needle from the inside
fix the needle from the inside out
With the needle we fix the green petals from the top in the right direction.
 fix green petals
And we fix everything with a needle from the inside.
 we fix with a needle from the wrong side
On the obverse side it turns out roses and between them green petals.  fixing the petals For small roses, also fixing the petals, n about tapes of smaller width.
 It's time for a garland
When all the flowers and leaves are fixed, then on the wrong side green tails should be gently stuck. >
We place them on the cover of the casket
It is time for a garland of blue beads.We place them on the lid of the box and glue it with the glue "Moment." We have them on the lid of the casket But in the box was inside too beautifully and accurately, we pasted the entire inner surface with yellow corrugated paper.  Box This way we close all threads and ribbons on the lid. You can also use a mirror or a flower to decorate the inside of the lid.
 We have them on the lid of the casket
For decoration of the side walls we use also blue and green ribbons. Cut four green ribbons to 14 cm and fix them in the shape of a figure eight.  blue and green ribbons
blue and green ribbons
We make 4 very small flowers from a thin blue tape. On the front side we fix two green eights in the corners in a vertical position and in the middle we glue on the blue flower.And the other two green blanks are glued on two sides, but in a horizontal position.
This casket is ready. Good luck to all.

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