Making cozy home boots

Winter is getting closer and it means that the coziest, most homely time is coming - the season of warm knitted things, hot drinks and quiet evenings for needlework. I admit honestly, this time of year is my favorite. Ahead of the New Year holidays, the time of gifts and joyful bustle, but still you can enjoy the tranquility and comfort of home. It is this atmosphere that carries the little thing that I suggest you sew together with me today - warm homemade boots made of felt with a knitted top - you can both please yourself and as a gift to cook for someone you love.

For the work we need:

  • Felt 2 mm, cut 22 cm by 90 cm.
  • A thick yarn or knitting tape for knitting.
  • Hook, knitting needles of suitable thickness.
  • Large needle with a large eye (for yarn).
  • Punch, hole punch or awl, scissors, marker or pencil on textiles.
  • Optionally - thick insoles (ready-made or homemade, I used an insole, carved for the same pattern of sheepskin).

You also need to print the pattern. If you print it on a scale of 1: 1, you’ll get slippers of 38-39 size.If you need to get a different size, change the print scale, or adjust the size manually, cutting off the excess or adding the length of the contour.

We transfer the contours of the pattern, including the points along the perimeter of the parts, to the felt. Given the specifics of our workshop, I printed the parts directly on the felt, but you can do this with a textile marker.

We cut out the parts and with the help of a punch, punch or ordinary sewing, we make holes in places marked with dots. The diameter of the holes should be the larger the thicker you plan to use the yarn.

Proceed to assemble the slippers. At this stage you will need a hook. The hook must pass through the thickness of the punched holes on the felt parts.

Getting started with the back seam. We connect the holes on the rear edges of the details of the top of the slippers and pull the thread through the bottom holes with a hook.

We pass to the next hole and pull out one more crochet loop.

We pass the second loop through the first.

Now go to the third hole and draw another loop through it.

Again, we pass it through the previous one.

Thus we pass through the hook through all the holes and complete the back seam.

We continue to work with a crochet - now we pick up loops from the upper holes for knitting the tops. Here I will make a small reservation - if you can and like to crochet, then you will not need knitting needles at all, you can knit the tops of boots with a hook in any way that you like, as they say, a matter of taste. I personally do not like crocheting and do not know how, I prefer knitting needles. Therefore, I use the hook in the work minimally, only to pull the thread through the holes in the felt. Thus, with the help of a hook, I simply gathered loops so that I could knit my tops on the knitting needles.

Stretching new loops through all the holes in the felt, we collect the necessary number of loops and divide them into 3-4 spokes.

Here, I think, for everyone there will be a moment of free creativity - we knit in a circle the way you want: braids, jacquards, stripes - what we want and what we can do. I knitted a simple gum 1: 1, alternating several shades of knitting tape.

When the bootleg reaches the desired height, finish knitting, closing the loop.

Now we sew the sole to our boot.We take a thick needle for knitwear, thread the thread in the eyelet.

We connect the tag on the heel with the back seam and sew the sole with the top. It will be very easy, no matter what seam you use, since the pattern was prepared by me in such a way that the number of holes in the sole and top exactly match.

We finish the seam by passing around the perimeter and fasten the thread.

Sapozhok is ready! In order to wear it was warm and pleasant, you need to put an insole inside. I took fluffy stelechki from sheepskin, show them on the example of the second boot - in it I first sewed the sole and the top and only then began to knit the tops.

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