Making Snowflakes

A very simple New Year's master class, makingSnowy cones, from which you can make an original Christmas composition or make a Christmas-tree toy.

Materials and tools:

  1. bumps;
  2. hair spray (strong) or PVA glue and brush;
  3. tare;
  4. sugar.

Step 1

Pour sugar into the container. We take a cone and cover it with hairspray until the varnish is dry and put the cone in sugar. If balustraces remain on the bump, then once again apply varnish and sprinkle with sugar on top. Finally, to fix the sugar, apply another layer of hairspray.

Instead, you can use PVA glue instead of hairspray, then apply glue to the cone with a brush and sprinkle the areas with glue with sugar. We wait until the glue dries and apply a layer of hairspray on top.

AllSnow Bumpsare ready.

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