Making the site more functional: how plastic containers help improve life

Many of the tasks associated with the organization of engineering networks on a country site, easily solved with the help of plastic containers. Modern industry manufactures polyethylene and polypropylene containers of improved grades that are protected from photo-oxidative aging and also have a wide range of operating temperatures. In this article we will briefly review the main ways of extending the functionality of a country plot with the help of plastic containers.

First of all it should be said about the plastic autonomous sewage system. After buying a septic tank in Moscow was no longer a problem, the summer and country plots became much more comfortable. Modern sewage consists of three key elements:

  • Sewerage in a house that collects all drains in a single collector
  • Sewage leading to a septic tank.
  • Directly septic tank, a plastic container with ribbed walls, in which wastewater treatment occurs. At the exit of the septic tank, technical water and stabilized sludge are obtained.

At the same time, septic tanks solve the problem of not only sewage from the house, but also groundwater. With the help of a competent system of storm (drainage) wastewaters, an effective system for removing water from the relief can be obtained at the site. This is especially true in connection with melting snow and flooding areas in the early spring.

In addition to septic tanks and sewer systems, attention should be paid to plastic containers intended for storing water. On the site you can see the modern "arsenal" of plastic containers. A variety of shapes and sizes allows you to solve such problems:

  • Collecting and storing water for various needs. In particular, rectangular containers are used for compact accumulation of water and the organization of the "summer shower". In turn, the massive cylindrical containers are suitable for organizing a water tower that provides irrigation system for garden works.
  • Collection of various liquids, including food.Plastic containers suitable for drinking water are also well suited for storing sunflower oil, milk and many other liquids.
  • Construction of fire tanks. In many areas, there are autonomous fire tanks, which are filled automatically and allow you to provide enough water pressure to extinguish the fire.

Due to the ribbed structure of the walls of the vessel, they ensure the stability of the geometry, because containers serve for years and can argue in reliability with steel products.

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