Marathon: how to prepare for a vacation in one week

August is the time of the gentle sun, warm as fresh milk, of the sea and long-awaited vacation. An amazing thing - we dreamed of a vacation, admiring the hot summer days from the office window, made plans, imagined as if we were going to the movies, running along the beach, dropping sandals on the move, and diving into diving into gentle waves. And now, when the cherished day is at hand, tiredness and indifference are piling up. So it will not work! During the week, we will relieve stress and regain our cheerfulness. Perform tasks, do not forget to share the results in social networks and on the site The support of like-minded people will help to quickly achieve results

Thursday, August 9

Smooth posture is not only beautiful, but also useful. It is important for the health of the spine and legs, blood circulation, and normal functioning of the vestibular system. To walk along the beach of the queen, gathering admiring glances, from today we begin to strengthen our backs.Our expert has prepared five effective exercises, it will take just a minute to complete each of them.

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Evgeny Shevelev, cms athletics, gym owner:
Evgeny Shevelev

Stand on your knees (the distance between them is 30 cm), as far as possible, put your hands in front of you, reach for them with your whole body, trying to keep balance. Lying on your back, press your lower back to the floor. Raise your legs slightly, make scissors or a bicycle. Pull your arms forward and make a classic squat with a flat back. Keep the position as long as you can. Legs wide apart and sit down a bit. Raise your right hand up, put your left on the waist. Make a deep tilt to the left. Change the side. Raise your arms parallel to the floor, lean forward with your back even-bent to the right angle and back up.

Friday, August 10

In the resorts with the system "all inclusive" there is a risk to gain a few extra kilos. Resist the temptations of the buffet will help intuitive nutrition. Its principles are: 1) to eat only when a feeling of hunger appears; 2) move away from the table when full. We listen to ourselves.The body will tell you what products, when and in what quantities are needed. We fix the result by keeping a diary: we record all meals (menu, time), emotions and sensations before and after (joy, repentance, fatigue, a burst of energy). This will help you learn to eat only when you really want to, and create a diet that you can always stick to.

Olga Shestova, Candidate of Biological Sciences:
Olga Shestova

- Misconceptions about the intuitive power - that you go to fast food and start eating uncontrollably. On the contrary, you will learn to feel normal (and each has its own, depending on the season, mental and physical condition, stress). If you enjoy the dish - aroma, taste, decoration, overeating can be avoided.

Saturday, August 11

To remove the tiredness accumulated during the week, you can carry out a tonic procedure, for example, take a bath with English salt (sold in a pharmacy, cost - from 99 rubles for 200 g). It will increase blood circulation and metabolism, help strengthen nails, improve skin condition. 200 g of magnesium sulfate (English salt) dissolve in water. Its temperature should not exceed 39 degrees. Bath is better to take at night.The duration of the procedure is no more than 20 minutes.

Daria Chuvilova, esthetician cosmetologist:
Daria Chuvilova

- A bath with English salt is comparable in its effect to a dip in the sea. It relieves muscle tone, soothes the nervous system, helps fight insomnia. You can make green tea in advance and drink it in small sips while lying in the water. After the bath it is important to take a cool shower to wash off the salt. Please note that the procedure has contraindications: pregnancy, heart and vascular disease, kidney stones, diabetes, skin irritation, including scratches, cuts.

The release statement of General Louis de Crillon to Henry IV became a legend. It allegedly said: “Sovereign, three words: money or vacation.” To which I received a reply from the king: “Crillon, four words: neither this nor that.”
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Sunday, August 12

It is believed that the skin with a golden hue looks more attractive than light. But the aristocratic pallor has a lot of fans. What do you think about sunburn? Share your opinions and spectacular selfies on social networks. And do not forget the words of the great Sophia Loren: "Nothing makes a woman more attractive than the assurance that she is beautiful."

Anna Pogodina, art director of the fashion brand:
Anna Pogodina

- Look haggard? It is necessary to refresh the view. Choose bright sky colors, add accessories: a scarf with an intricate pattern will distract from bruises under the eyes. Highlighter will create the illusion of a radiant face. To emphasize your tan, wear light-colored clothing. On dark skin look nobly ivory and melted milk, sand, khaki, blue. Their ideal companions are gold accessories: round earrings, a miniature pendant, a massive bracelet or gold transfer tattoos.

Monday, August 13

A good mood is a magical tool that gives shine to female beauty. A light inspirational movie will help you get away from the routine and relax. And what movies cheer you up and why? Make a list and share recommendations.

Irina Maslova, psychologist:
Irina Maslova

- The task of the cinema, like any art, is to cause emotions, thoughts, experiences. For this, soul music is created, plots close to everyone, familiar types are selected. Sympathizing with the hero, watching him overcome difficulties, we believe that we ourselves can do a lot. Many films that have become popular have a therapeutic effect, elevate mood, spirit.After a good movie, there are forces, enthusiasm to do something, help someone, call relatives, change lives, make an important decision.

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Summer - continuous stress to the skin. Outside, she suffocates from the heat, in offices she dries from air conditioners, she is exposed to ultraviolet radiation at sea. To mitigate the consequences, it is important to provide her with proper care. Tell us how you care about your beauty.

Marina Kolokoltseva, cosmetologist:
Marina Kolokoltseva

- Use cosmetics with a soothing effect: extracts of green tea, chamomile, aloe vera. The last component is indispensable if you overdone with tan. Use a cream with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins. He will remove the feeling of tightness. Be sure to 2-3 times a week before bed, make a mask that will retain moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis. Moisturizers are also needed for the body. Buy a sunscreen lip balm. The skin is thin and sensitive, prone to dryness and premature aging.

Wednesday, August 15

Now that we are fully ready for vacation, we need to decide how to spend it in order to rest more effectively.Check with the tablet and plan your trip! Where do you prefer to gain strength? We are waiting for answers in social networks and on the website

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