Marketing Planning and Marketing Strategies

Marketing planning process
This process consists of three steps:
1. Analysis of the situation
2. Planning goals and strategies
3. Planning specific activities
These steps are necessary regardless of whether we are talking about short-term, medium-term or long-term planning. Goals should be understood as strategic, more general goals, and tactical, which are more specific goals, formulated from strategic goals.
As a result of the planning process, we need to get a marketing plan, which describes in detail the current situation in the market, analysis of chances and risks, goals, strategy, implementation program with product policies, distribution, communication and contractual policies, as well as detailed information about costs and options for control over the result.
The goals of marketing can be as economic (monetary) indicators,as an increase in profitability, market share, sales, and psychological goals, such as increasing fame, recognition, improving image.
Marketing strategies
Marketing strategy should be derived directly from the company's strategy and should be an intermediary before the formation of a suitable marketing mix.

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