Masterclass on making cards for dad

The holiday of our beloved men is coming. Especially, children are happy to prepare gifts for fathers. They always associate the gift with a surprise, which the Pope can not talk about, otherwise it will not be so pleasant and unexpected for your beloved father. With children 4-5 years old, you can make a holiday card for your father. For a postcard, you will need materials and tools: colored cardboard, colored paper, scissors, glue, simple pencil, star patterns and flag parts, printed numbers 23, pictures of different techniques, printed words - wishes for dads.
 making a card for dad
Choosing a color cardboard that will be the basis of our card. We bend it like this.
 making a card for dad
 making a card for dad
From white,We trace and cut out the details of the Russian flag using blue and red cardboard patterns.
 making a card for dad
making a card for dad
On a red colored paper we outline a star following the template and cut it out.
 manufacturing of a postcard for a pa ppi
 making a card for dad
Bending the star along the lines.
 making a card for dad
We have on the card the details of the flag and paste them. We glue the star at the tips of the rays.
 making cards for dad
Cutting numbers 23.
making a card for dad
Glue the numbers to the postcard.
 manufacturing postcards forPapa
In the middle of our postcard we will cut out and paste words - congratulations to the Pope or a picture of any technique.
making cards for dads
making a postcard for a dad
That's a surprise for the pope for the holiday.  making cards for dads Karlashova Svetlana Aleksandrovna, Rostov Region , Kagalnitsky district, the village of Dvoriche, MBDOU kindergarten "Swallow", the teacher.

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