Maternity clothes: create a snazzy look

Make up a wardrobe

Wardrobe for pregnant women can be very compact. If you like to change clothes often and do not want the entire period of pregnancy to be limited to several models, choose things that you can wear after the birth.
The choice of clothing depends on what you are used to wearing. If before the pregnancy your wardrobe consisted of trousers and sweaters, you should not make major changes in it. Buy one or two pairs of pants with low waistband and elastic inserts. They are very comfortable, do not constrain movements and do not put pressure on the stomach. Thanks to the inserts you will feel comfortable throughout the pregnancy. In the cold season, practical pants with a high elastic belt, well-supported belly.
An alternative to pants - soft stretchy cotton leggings with elastane. They are very modern, well combined with short dresses, blouses, sweaters and tunics.Do not buy too tight and tight leggings, they squeeze the legs and can cause swelling.
A great option for pregnant women - dresses and skirts. If you love a feminine style, be sure to replenish your wardrobe with a pair of fashionable gizmos. For summer, airy empire dresses, stitched of cotton or blends of cotton and silk are perfect. Such models look very romantic and gentle, they are suitable for everyday life and holidays. In winter, wear loose tunic dresses made of wool and cotton knitwear. Comfortable models on a long yoke, slightly gathered under the breast. In the early period they hide the belly, and later beautifully emphasize its roundness.
Do not forget about blouses, tops, tunics and sweaters. They should be free and not too short. Choose things from soft, natural and blended fabrics that do not irritate the skin. Light blouses can be supplemented with vests, scarves and stoles. These details will correctly color accents and help balance the proportions.

Combination and additions

To create an attractive image, combine new clothes with things that are already in your wardrobe.In the first trimester of pregnancy, you can wear ordinary clothes, abandoning only the very hard forms, tight belts and too tight fitting styles. Later give preference to layering. Wear an open shirt over your top, with skinny jeans or leggings wear summer sundresses or long tunics with side slits.
Do not give up the notes of sexuality. A deep cut on the chest, a beautiful Empire style top on thin straps, a draping scarf, an airy multi-layered dress will help emphasize the feminine charm. It is not necessary to choose only dark or pastel things. Include cheerful bright tones in the ensemble, combining them with neutral gray, beige, cream, jeans-blue.
Enhance your look with fashion accessories. Give up small parts in favor of a fun large brooch made from textiles, an interesting ring or a bright roomy bag. Do not forget about shoes. The best complement will be genuine leather shoes with a steady heel of medium height, sandals of neutral shade, boots made of soft suede or nubuck.

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