Media: David and Victoria Beckham divorce after 18 years of marriage

Rumors of discord in the star family went for a long time, and the couple were bred more than once. But this time, friends of the Beckham family argue that everything is serious.

David and Victoria Beckham have long been an example of an ideal star marriage (few celebrities can boast such a long relationship). Moreover - the star couple has become a real brand, which brings a huge income.

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The spouses surpassed even the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II in terms of income! Beckham Brand Ltd brought more than a billion dollars to David and Victoria. Therefore, evil tongues often said that spouses barely tolerate each other, but suffer because of a common business. They say that not everything is so smooth in the family for a long time, but the fear of a loud divorce process and the need to divide the acquired property stops both spouses.

But a source from the inner circle of a star couple told the American magazine "Ok!" That David and Victoria were able to agree on the division of property and even joint custody of children.David is very sensitive to children: if Victoria is a strict mother, controls every step of her children and is already actively pushing them towards fame and popularity, then the footballer just enjoys fatherhood and spends a lot of time with the children.

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Insiders also reported that the Beckham couple has long been on the verge of divorce. This is evidenced by numerous treason. The former famous footballer fell for an affair with Rebecca Luz at a time when Romeo’s son was born to him and Victoria. Maybe everything would have continued in a similar vein and he would have spent his free time in the company of an attractive assistant, but the trouble is: once Rebecca herself accidentally let it slip. Victoria stood up in defense of her star husband. “David swore that he was not guilty of anything, I believe him!” She told all the envious and detractors. And as a sign of faithful love, Beckham made her re-offer her hands and hearts.

But now the relationship Beckham, according to the same source, completely devoid of romance and passion.

“Now their relationship is more like a joint business. Their lives go in completely different directions.David likes to go to parties in Los Angeles and Miami, and Victoria prefers to communicate with a limited number of people in his native Britain. They decided that they would be better apart, ”an insider told reporters.

However, Beckhams are going to do everything quietly and without scandals, so as not to injure the children - the sons of Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruise and daughter Harper.

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