Men's cards

Women often face such a problem: how to congratulate their man on his birthday, February 23, or on a professional holiday. The point is not even in the event, namely, what is so special about it that you can give. Well, imagine for a moment that this is a little-known man: a colleague, a director or a distant relative. What can surprise him if he is not familiar to you? Agree, it is quite difficult and for this you need to think very carefully and try. It’s another thing if this man is a husband, brother, son, and it’s quite difficult to guess what it is preferable to receive as a gift right now, so that it is both pleasant and useful, and original. A gift is a gift, but what a holiday, if you do not leave after him warm, sincere words of congratulations. And you can write such words in a greeting card, which will preserve the memory of you and your attitude towards this person. There are no special problems to buy a ready-made postcard, but it’s better to do it manually, this will give the holiday intrigue and some kind of riddle. That's just now we consider a couple of options for making small men's cards in the technique of scrapbooking.Beautiful paper, several color pictures and some other scrap materials allow you to create such wonderful cards that will surprise and delight any man. For making men's cards you need to take: • Brown and gray cardboard; • • Scrapbumaga with male motifs in brown-gray tones; • Pictures and cuttings of different shapes with men's accessories; • Epoxy stickers; • Punches “Congratulations” and “Happy Birthday”; • • Brown lace; • Tape in a checkered brown-white; • Rep beige tape 5 mm wide; • Dere buttons; • Metal pendants; • Suede cord; • Brown pearl beads; • Gray and beige cutting feather; • Cord; • • Watercolor paper; • Gold pad with tinting ink; • Ruler, double-sided tape, pencil, glue gun, scissors.
Men's postcards
 For making we need
otkrytochku we will be very small, and the first thing we cut out of cardboard bases.First, we cut two rectangles of 12.5 * 17 cm, then divide them in half, draw a bend and fold them, we get the basics 8.5 * 12.5 cm.
cardboard cut the base

cut two rectangles
From watercolor paper cut out rectangles of 8.2 * 12.2 cm for the internal inscription. With double-sided tape we glue them inside the postcards.
 cut rectangles
 cut rectangles
From scrapbook we cut two rectangles for each postcard 8,2 * 12 , 2 cm. One by one is glued to the backs of the cards.
 sticking on the backs of cards
 glue on the backs of cards
We begin to decorate the front parts. We cut off ribbons, laces, we glue them on scrapbooking, below we glue inscriptions, pictures of watches, we sew all elements with a machine. Then we glue one more picture and sew them together. We are beginning to decorate the front parts
 We're starting to decorate the front parts
We're starting to decorate the front parts
Front parts start hiring decorating
We glue the front parts also to the basics of postcards.
>img src="" alt="Sticking the front parts" title="Sticking the front parts">
Sticking the front parts
Each also sew on a typewriter. Now we make bows of cords. We will now decorate postcards with scrap accessories.
sew on the machine
 sew on the typewriter We receive here such two wonderful small forms of men's postcards. Thank you all!
men's postcards
 men's cards men's cards
men's cards

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