Congratulations on Christmas-2017 - funny short SMS, beautiful in verse and prose in Russian and English. Short sms, funny poems and pictures for the Nativity of Christ

PX-001Christmas is one of the brightest religious holidays, which is celebrated annually by believers from all over the world. As the biblical legend says, on this day in 5508 from the creation of the world, the brightest star lit up above the small town of Bethlehem and lit the way to one of the mountain caves where Mary gave birth to baby Jesus, the future Savior of humanity.

The Catholic canon orders to receive congratulations and celebrate Christmas on the night of December 24 to December 25,how the Orthodox Church meets Jesus' birthday from the 6th to the 7th of January and advises its parishioners to convey to each other beautiful and touching congratulations on Christmas 2017 in verse and prose. Good congratulations can be spoken out loud at a time of personal meeting with family and friends, writing on beautiful postcards with pictures of a religious story, sending to friends on the phone in the form of short funny sms messages or posting on personal pages on social networks. To complement congratulations is pleasant, kind wishes of love, happiness, peace and prosperity.

Short funny greetings for Christmas 2017 in verses

It would seem that the Nativity of Christ 2017 is not the most suitable moment for laughter and jokes, however, this does not at all mean that one should sit all day with stern faces and not even allow oneself to even smile. This is especially true of youth and youth companies, where no celebration can do without humor and jokes, even where at first glance this is not very appropriate. Guys and girls with great pleasure join in the Christian religious culture, but make their own amendments to this process and instead of serious,reserved words prepare for each other for Christmas short, funny and funny greetings containing holiday greetings and kind, sincere wishes.

The children read each other's verse greetings aloud at the matinees and parties, write on beautiful cards with religious subjects and hand them to friends and girlfriends personally, send SMS messages to their phones and place them on the pages of their friends in social networks. Sweet, kind and touching congratulations on Merry Christmas 2017 create a pleasant atmosphere around, elevate mood, inspire optimism and make hearts open up to meet the most luminous and benevolent emotions.


Every year around Christmas,
Not lazy and not shy,
Let him come to you kindly,
In your happiness embodied.

May good luck and success
Every day your soak,
Joy brings you laughter
Let life play with colors!


Merry Christmas congratulations -
Sober thoughts wish
That the Earth did not rock,
And the soul - enjoyed !!!


And here it is Christmas,
And I want to wish you,
So that was a lot of money,
And it’s better not to count at all.

I also wish you happiness
Fewer cases, empty worries,
Let the bad weather side
And happiness will come soon!

Merry Christmas 2017 greetings in pictures and cards


At Christmas, it is not customary to give each other any gifts, but to present a bright postcard with a themed picture and a greeting as a small gift to a friend or girlfriend, relative, friend, colleague or porch neighbor is even appropriate. For older people, it is better to choose pictures with a classic religious story, depicting the appearance of the first star in the sky, announcing the birth of the Savior, Holy Mary, rocking only Jesus and the wanderers who came to worship the infant Christ. They need to write congratulations on the holiday and a few good wishes.

For younger students it is appropriate to prepare congratulations on colorful postcards with angels, winter landscapes, dressed up Christmas trees, toys and other festive attributes that are available for children to understand. Teenagers and young people can be presented with Merry Christmas 2017 greetings on postcards made in a more modern style, harmoniously combining the secular and religious aspects of the Christmas plot.

Greetings on postcards with funny, funny pictures dedicated to Christmas are also acceptable, however, such gifts are better reserved for very close middle-aged friends with a good sense of humor. A person of advanced age may not understand the joke and will be offended by your frivolous attitude to a very respected and significant for believing people event - the Nativity of Christ.




Beautiful congratulations in verses of Merry Christmas for family and relatives

The most beautiful, tender and inspirational greetings in poems on Christmas Day should be dedicated to people of solid age - parents, grandmothers, grandfathers and other close relatives of the older generation. On such a wonderful day, it will be extraordinarily pleasant for them to hear warm, rhymed lines of greetings from young people, glorifying the appearance of the first star in the sky announcing the birth of little Jesus. Thus, children and grandchildren will show adults that they respect the traditions of their ancestors, honor the customs of the Christian religion and do not disregard such a significant religious holiday as the Nativity of Christ.


You can recite poems at night,directly on the eve of Christmas or the very next morning, when the whole family will come together to enjoy the festive meal. A lofty and reverent poem of congratulations will give the solemn feast on the occasion of the Nativity of Christ a special cordiality and make the connection between the younger and older generation more durable.

If you read the congratulations on Christmas in verses in public there is no desire for some personal reasons, you can buy or make yourself some beautiful cards with thematic plots, write congratulations on them and give each of the relatives along with small pleasant souvenirs. It is necessary to supplement the presents with the kindest, sincere and touching wishes of family happiness, mutual love, prosperity and God's blessing. Such congratulations will be met with the most tremulous joy and will surely sink into the hearts of relatives and close people who have gathered together to celebrate the wonderful and radiant feast of the Nativity of Christ.


Merry Christmas congratulations!
Light in the soul and love, I wish.
Let the good heart beat in your chest
And the faithful companion in life there.

Let the spirit be strong, happy life
Success in your house will fly your bird,
And happiness will come with joy
You will have more than one day with you.


Christmas is a mystery
Joy in the soul
And prayer, and hymns,
We sing already!

Observe rites,
Family dinner,
Our Christ will protect
And he will save us from troubles!

We wish each other,
Faith great!
Be open to the world
Beautiful soul!


The coming of Christmas is beautiful,
How quiet this holiday and bright!
We hear good words -
They are happy to adults and children.

So may the Lord on this day
You will suffer from all adversity.
Jesus invisible shadow
Let him lead us through the years.

Congratulations on Christmas in prose to your beloved friend


A beloved friend for Christmas needs to prepare a very special greeting. Of course, you can choose for this purpose some beautiful poem with an appropriate meaning, but it is best to spend a little more time and make a sincere and touching text of congratulations in prose in your own words. After all, the best friend is one of the closest people who only exist in life. Sometimes he knows more about you than the closest relatives and even family members.You share secret secrets with this person, experience problems and happy moments, consult and spend a lot of time. Proceeding from this, you need to find simple, but very quivering words for a friend and put them into pleasant, inspired phrases of congratulations on the occasion of Christmas.

Begin your speech with a heartfelt congratulation on Christmas that came to the world, and then wish your loved one happiness, health, good luck, mutual understanding and God's blessing. Thank a friend for the fact that he is always there, helps in everything, always supports, warns against all nonsense and helps not to miss the seemingly happy chance. Try to put in a greeting a maximum of emotions and compliments. On Christmas Eve, it is appropriate to show feelings and open hearts. Let this day be heard out loud the most intimate words that you may be embarrassed to say on a typical day. After such congratulations, the relationship with a friend will become warmer, stronger, and move to a completely new level of cordiality and trust.


Christmas is the day when our Savior appeared. He gave us faith, indicated the way.And on this magical holiday, I wish you only good: well-being, mutual understanding, emotional balance. Never stray from your course, and if there are difficulties, the Christmas star will show you the right way!


Merry Christmas! Congratulations! More than two thousand years ago, the good news about the birth of the Savior lit up all of humanity, the whole world, so let the grace-filled light of this great holiday illuminate your soul today and fill your hearts with love for your neighbor, inner harmony, saving faith and boundless happiness.


I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday! Indeed, on this day our Savior was born - Jesus Christ. With all my heart I wish you and your family: peace in the house, peace in the soul. May your cherished dreams come true and your innermost desires come true! Merry Christmas!

SMS greetings for Christmas in verses


Unfortunately, good friends and relatives do not always live in the vicinity and not all of us have the opportunity to visit loved ones for all the holidays and send congratulations during face-to-face meetings. But this is not a reason to be sad and sad. You can send merry Christmas greetings to your dear people in the form of a short, bright and inspirational SMS message.It will fully reflect your very best feelings and show love and devotion. Relatives and friends will be incredibly happy to receive from you a short kind greeting with the wonderful blessed holiday of Christmas, complemented by the most sincere and bright wishes. They will understand that, despite the enormous distance, which due to life circumstances lay between you, mutual feelings have not changed, but rather become stronger and hotter.


Merry Christmas, dear ones!
Let the saints be in this watch
Kindness will fill you,
Peace, love and beauty!


Merry Christmas.
Let the holiday come to the house
Joy, happiness will bring
And love for the whole year.


Merry Christmas!
And we wish you happiness!
May Jesus protect you
From the rain, bad weather!

From enemies and from misfortune,
From problems and grief,
To your life was
Pleasures of the sea!

Merry Christmas greetings in English for friends


In English-speaking countries, Christmas is celebrated much more magnificently than the New Year. Festive dinners, pleasant family gatherings and fun friendly parties are timed to celebrate Christmas parties.If you have friends who live in the USA, Canada or Europe, you should take this moment into account and be sure to send them beautiful Christmas greetings in 2017 in verses or in prose in English. You can send a classic postcard with a thematic picture for Christmas and write a congratulation text on it or send a short cool congratulation in the form of a text message. Friends will appreciate such a nice sign of attention, and especially the moment that the words of congratulations on Christmas are written in a language they understand and the phrases do not need to be translated via an online translator, often distorting the original meaning of the message beyond recognition.


Christmas is a very sacred day.
Have an unforgettable holiday
Illuminated with all the lights
Of the world and life's delights!

May Christmas spirit keep glowing
And all the happiness get going.
Be blessed with all the smiles,
Gathering good luck into huge piles!


I congratulate you on Christmas. In this holiday no one should be alone. Let's be with the ones who appreciate and love you. Also I wish your family happiness and success at work!


Celebrate the tradition of giving,
Pray to the Lord for thanksgiving.
I wish you the great joy of family.
Move towards the goal steadily.

Peace, love and laughter!
Don’t give up and go after.

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