Happy horoscope for May 7-13: what did the stars whisper to us?

When a gypsy with a serious face gets you to insistently offer to gild her hand, and she will tell you about the future, suggest that she tell herself what to expect.

And do not immediately think about the bad, maybe not even two kings in police uniforms are waiting for her, and not even a government house with a long road - maybe something really good? But what if? This is not so difficult if you have a cheerful astrological forecast at hand! The main thing here is not to laugh. So feel free to read and repost. Down with ignorance!


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Stars openly say in the sky: it's time to start self-education! Go to the library, read the primer, in extreme cases - air freshener in the office closet. And finally, start collecting money - now is the time to get a useful hobby.

Astrologers strongly recommend at this time not to put your fingers into the outlet, they still do not fit.



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The cosmos decided that you are bored, so next week new people will go in a jamb - just catch and ask for phones. True, not at all the fact that it is necessary. It’s not that the stars warn that going to the forest at night in the trunk with their hands tied is a bad sign, but people, after all, are not all fluffy bunnies.

By the way, if you decide to get married - eat your passport and run before it is too late.



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And you, perhaps, it is better to go to the village, re-hammer the sword into a scream, start a hen, sow rye and everything in that way. The stars said that this direction is the most profitable for you. Well, as a last resort, register in applications like “My farm” - there you won't have to get your hands dirty.



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Do not google your symptoms online and, like the fire of the Inquisition, avoid medical reference books, especially before dinner! Immediately, both the left hand is sick, and the little finger on the leg, and in the chest something is stabbed, and there is not far to the will. Take care of the nerves, they will still be useful to you!


a lion

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Take a piece of paper and write: "And this, too, will pass." This is your motto for next week.Just clench your fists and everything else, and wait until the corpses of enemies float down the river of life. In the end, the Chinese are not fools, that this proverb is constantly quoted?



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Astrologers strongly advise not to read about the action, not to go shopping and even the grandmother at the subway with its geranium to bypass the tenth road. Will power you now just more than no, buy rubbish, then six months on Avito will sell.

And the stars are persistently offering you to cooperate more closely with colleagues of the opposite sex. Stop! No, not what you thought, but to work, so it's better to choose a project, but do not let your imagination run wild.



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Cupids flocked to you like annoying flies, and incessantly sting with their arrows around their hearts. Prepare vases for flowers, shelves for gifts and get a notebook to prevent the fans from crossing in an unintentional manner.

If you are already married, you should not sigh - you will have romance and idyll in your house, just have time to buy candles. But it’s better not to show the notepad, that Sami, to his wife.



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This week you are the electrobroom, which you forgot to unplug from the socket.Then you and the work of a stormy activity, and creativity indefatigable soul desires, and even that there was more money, more - like those pills from greed. All other signs silently smoke in aside and see you off with an envious glance, because no matter how unreal Napoleon’s plans look, you will cope with them.



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Stars strongly advise you to go on a diet. Yes, right now. Yes, from this very Monday. Yes, in spite of the fact that there is still half a loaf and pork in the refrigerator. Right after work, go to the store for kefir and cabbage, because it cannot continue any longer. And go in for sports, go in for sports too!



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Have you communicated with old friends and distant relatives for a long time? The astrologers said this week is the time to meet and heartily have fun with those with whom I haven’t seen each other for a long time, and then everything that happened lately was already frankly tired. Call them right now and arrange for Friday and Saturday, you will not regret!



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“Shaw is not dead, then I will take a snack” is your motto for next week. Only if with pies such a policy still somehow rolls, then it’s not comme il faut with affairs at work.And also the female part of the team suddenly decides to be friends against you, so just in case, check your back on the subject of “Kick me” or something worse before leaving the office.



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Birds are singing and flowers are blooming in their hearts, and in life, it’s not that there is no time for romance in a relationship, and even to cross with a partner will not work. But here with divorced spouses will be oh how interesting, and talking about talking, and not about what the jealous couple had time to think.

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