Method for the early development of Nikitins

Nikitins - a world-famous family that has made a real revolution in the Soviet system of raising children (Photo taken from the Nikitins Family website)

The unusual approach of two young parents, Boris Pavlovich and Lena Alekseevna , to his parental responsibilities, eventually turned into the original method of child development. Both young parents in their education and, not least, vocation, were teachers. Born in the revolutionary years, Boris Pavlovich before the war managed to graduate from an engineering institute and subsequently worked on preparing cadets.

 nikitin method

nikitin method

After the war, he was still around For four years he continued this activity, then he was demobilized and began to work as a teacher in schools and schools: he taught physical culture and technology. Two years before the Great Patriotic War, Boris Pavlovich married, but the marriage was unsuccessful, and in the mid-50s the couple broke up; while three children went to live with their mother.A year after the official dissolution of this marriage, Boris met Lena Alekseevna. A couple of years after the fateful meeting, the first child was born in this family.

Boris Pavlovich and Lena Alekseevna did not limit the number of children in their family: a year later the next child was born, another two - the third. Fourteen years after they met Boris and Lena, there were seven children.

Features of the family structure

The entire development methodology of the Nikitins proceeded from their weekdays, during which the parents worked with their children and watched them. From the very beginning, this family was somewhat different from other Soviet families:

  • The couple respectfully treated each other’s right to work and do other things besides raising children, in which they participated equally. They worked by turns: in the morning - the father, and in the evening - the mother. Therefore, children spent the same amount of time with both mom and dad.
  • A diary of observations was created for each child, into which information about all new skills and skills entered.
  • Parents paid great attention to physical culture: they vaccinated her with their children and practiced gymnastics themselves.

Family life was enoughsimple, no frills - in part this was due to the material situation of the family, in part - the unpretentiousness of Boris and Lena. What parents were not afraid to spend money on is the book. With great zeal, they studied the pedagogical works of foreign and domestic experts, trying to find confirmation of their own guesses and learn new ways of movement.

Method for early development of Nikitins 1

Methods of early development of Nikitins 1

After the achievements of the Nikitins became known to the masses, the road to their home rarely remained empty. Representatives of the press, television, teachers, parents from all over the country and even from abroad often came here. Such wide publicity became a real test for growing up children, which they endured with honor. In addition, Boris and Lena themselves traveled to other cities with lectures, seminars, and willingly shared their experiences. Later, Lena Alekseevna began to broadcast on television.

Nikitina's accumulated experience was described in books that were published in millions of copies.Already in old age, they were able to establish their own children's development center, but the forces to implement this project were not completely left, so their participation in the center’s work was mainly to develop and give recommendations.

The basic principles of educating Boris Pavlovich and Lena Alekseevna their descendants set out as follows:

  1. Minimizing the participation of medicine in the process of a baby’s life both inside the womb and after birth.
  2. Compulsory breastfeeding.
  3. Maintaining body fitness: for children This was expressed in a large number of active sports games, the presence in the house of a variety of sports equipment, the direct participation and interest of the father in this direction. nikitins 6 nikitiny 6
  4. Maintaining a strong immune system: wearing thin, not constraining movement, clothing, dousing with cold water, running barefoot in the snow.
  5. A modest ration consisting of simple foods.
  6. Saturated development ivyayuschaya environment in the walls of his home: a large library, gym,workshop
  7. Early development of children's intelligence - before they start attending school.
Method for the early development of Nikitins 2

Methods of early development of Nikitins 2

 Technique for early development of Nikitin 3

Technique for early development of Nikitin 3

 Method for the early development of Nikitins 4

Method early development of Nikitins 4

 Methods of early development of Nikitins 5

Methods of early development of Nikitins 5

 Technique for the early development of Nikitins 6

Methods of early development of Nikitins 6

 Technique for the early development of Nikitins 7

The method of early development of Nikitins 7

Boris Pavlovich singled out several components of the successful development of children's intellectual and mental abilities:

  • a properly chosen technique;
  • early startactivities;
  • presence of stimulating factors;
  • availability of conditions suitable for the development of abilities;
  • child’s passion for the process.

He also believed that it was possible to improve not only the musculature, the intellect and the senses, but also to develop such abilities as the ability to feel, to understand another person, to capture the direction of his thoughts and desires. In addition, Boris Pavlovich believed that the child can develop even "beyond" the possibilities of the psyche: clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis.

The technique of early development of the Nikitins has gained popularity even in countries that are relatively hostile to the Soviet Union, like Germany and Japan. At home, the number of its fans has increased every year, and in our time filled with information, they are not getting less.

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