Methods for cleaning homebrew at home

For those who are interested in home brewing, it is no secret that the quality of the drink and its taste depend on the degree of purification. The best in this task will be natural filters that do not violate the composition of alcohol, such as activated carbon. It should be bought exclusively in specialized stores, such as AlkoPribor. There are differences between conventional activated carbon and what is used for cleaning.

Activated carbon for cleaning moonshine

Thanks to the use of such a substance, it is possible to release samogon from impurities that should not be present in it. The most optimal is triple cleaning, which eliminates the drink not only from extraneous tastes and odors, but also from fusel oils, other harmful impurities. But this requires special coal, not any. It is recommended to purchase BAU-A activated carbon, the details of which you will find here differs from other varieties in the pore size through which the fluid passes in the filtration process. It is this type of filtration material that has the ideal data. In addition, it is designed specifically for this purpose and has several advantages over other analogues:

  • optimal pore size;
  • no impurities that affect the taste of moonshine;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • Cheap.

For example, pharmaceutical coal tablets contain starch in the composition, which allows the human body to digest it better, but for alcohol it is detrimental, as it remains in the liquid and forms a precipitate and an unpleasant taste.

Coal column

This component is also used in devices such as coal columns. Details about them you will find here This product provides optimum results. Such devices are made of stainless steel, which guarantees the absence of reactions with liquid, plaque, corrosion and other factors that could affect the taste of the drink. This is one of the simplest and best filters.It is very easy to use, it is used many times without changing the filler, inexpensive.

By itself, the design has a fairly compact size, which is often a very important factor. Materials and filler ensure a long service life without breakdowns and the need to change parts. The user can independently adjust the quality of filtration by setting the level of activated carbon in the system.

Also not the most important, but the fact of aesthetics is quite pleasant. The column looks quite presentable and may well be a stylish addition to the room. Caring for it is very simple, and the operation is elementary and does not require special skills, which ensures its popularity among consumers.

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