Methods of cooking kebabs in nature and at home

Do not rush to stick meat pieces on the skewers, this is preceded by a long process of cooking. First of all, the meat is cut into pieces, which should not exceed 50 grams. The cut pieces are placed in a container. Do not try to use an aluminum pan for this purpose! The meat is sprinkled with salt and allowed to stand for half an hour. Then the meat is mixed with crushed pepper. After another half hour has passed, onions are placed in a container, which is pre-cut into rings. After that, the meat is poured marinade and left overnight. To prepare the marinade for 1 kilogram of meat take 400 grams of chopped onion and one tablespoon of peas. All this is poured with a glass of juice (a mixture of pomegranate and lemon juice is used).
If you are going to cook shish kebab in nature, then to the cooking place the meat must be delivered in marinade. When choosing beef for cooking kebabs, you should know that beef is tighter than other types of meat, so you need to marinate it for a couple of hours longer. Before steeping, beef must be thoroughly mixed.Meat must be crushed for at least fifteen minutes. Roast meat, strung it on skewers. Pork, of course, is fatty, but from the neck you get a great kebab. Mayonnaise can be used as a basis for the marinade. A few minutes before frying, a bottle of light beer is poured into the meat filled with marinade. The meat should be strung on a skewer, alternating it with slices of onion and tomato.
And what to do if the weather turned bad outside and a picnic becomes impossible? It's okay, you can cook kebabs in the oven. Here, instead of skewers used baking sheet. Meat before frying should be pressed a little. No cooking oil required. A baking sheet of meat is placed in a preheated oven and held there for 20 minutes. The heat forms a crust on the pieces, which will prevent the flow of juice. You can also use a roasting sleeve, which is placed on the grate of the preheated oven. The edges of the sleeves should be tightly knotted.

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