Military equipment pictures for children

Children, especially boys, are usually interested in military equipment. Pictures for children with the image of its main varieties, therefore, are always very popular. Using such pictures, you can help children learn the names of different types of military vehicles and learn their key features.

Pictures depicting military vehicles for kindergarten are particularly relevant. In the group with their help, you can hold a thematic lesson, in conjunction with Defender of the Fatherland Day, Victory Day or other suitable occasion. All that is needed in this case is to print pictures by the number of children and prepare a small explanation about each type of equipment:

 Military equipment pictures for children

Military equipment pictures for children

Anti-aircraft missile system - helps to fight air and space troops. It can be of different types.

zinitno-rocket complex1

anti-aircraft missile complex 2

Warship - shells and fuel are carried on it during the war. The ships that carry the soldiers are called amphibious.

 Warship picture

Warship picture

Aircraft carrier. This is a warship carrying fighter aircraft.

aircraft carrier1

A military helicopter - carries soldiers and cargoes.

 military helicopter1

Armored personnel carrier - designed for transporting the military; if necessary, it can fire onboard guns.

armored personnel carrier1

Armored car - performs the same tasks as an armored personnel carrier.

 armored vehicle1

An infantry fighting vehicle is another means of transporting soldiers.

The nuclear submarine is the main weapon of the navy.

 nuclear submarine1

Tank. The main threat to all land forces.


Strategic rocket launcher (rocket launcher).Designed for the transportation and launch of rockets.

strategic rocket installation1

Self-propelled gun - the main assistant of tanks and infantry in combat.

 self-propelled gun1

Fighter - the plane that destroys the enemy in the air .


Even a superficial introduction to different types of military equipment will help broaden the horizon children and wake up in them the desire to learn more about military science. Therefore, pictures of military vehicles for children of different ages will be very useful.

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