Milk thistle - good and bad, instruction and application

Milk thistle is a wild-growing plant of the Aster family with large purple flowers and leaves with white spots. Milk thistle was valued as a useful plant by our ancestors. They knew about the indications and contraindications to the use of milk Thistle meal. In ancient times magical properties were attributed to him, it received many names and legends.

To gardeners, gardeners, milk thistle is known as a hard weed, a distinctive feature of which are whitish spots on the leaves. In Russia, the plant is called "keenly-motley", which reflects a motley pattern on the leaves, and hard spines, surrounding the inflorescence and radical leaves. Milk thistle is also called Maryin tartarnik, frog, variegated thistle, milk thistle, a gift of the Virgin Mary.

In historical documents it is recorded that already more than two thousand years ago in Ancient Greece and Egypt the roots, seeds and leaves of milk thistle were used by healers in diseases of the liver and other diseases.Scientists of antiquity in medical writings recommend taking infusions as an antidote for bites of poisonous snakes.

The plant was grown in the monasteries of medieval Germany and used for medical purposes. Already at that time they knew that tinctures and decoctions of milk thistle seeds help with diseases of the liver and spleen, and with the help of roots and leaves it is possible to cure tumors and ulcers.

Indications for use

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Consider a list of indications for the use of such a unique plant as milk thistle.

  • Liver diseases. The most well-known useful property of milk thistle meal is the treatment of disorders in the liver, since the plant acts as a powerful hepatoprotector. By activating the work of the body and speeding up its recovery, milk thistle is often used in complex therapy in the treatment of cirrhosis and hepatitis. Milk thistle meal is used as a biliary and bile-forming agent.
  • Departures. The most important element that is part of the milk thistle is silymarin, which is able to break down the compounds of poisons before their negative effects on the body. Therefore, preparations of milk thistle in the form of injections are widely used in the treatment of mushroom poisoning.They are able to neutralize even the most dangerous poisons for humans.
  • Removal of stones and sand from the kidneys and gall bladder. Milk thistle is indicated in the treatment of diseases of the spleen, inflammation of the bile ducts, cholecystopathy.
  • Salt deposits. Herbalists suggest using the plant in the treatment of salt deposits, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, sciatica.
  • Skin and bone damage. Active substances, which contains milk thistle, help the body resist infections and poisoning. Beneficial effect of the plant is used in the treatment of skin and bone injuries, acceleration of fracture fusion.
  • Gynecological diseases. Therapeutic properties are also used in gynecology: in combination with other medicines, they treat inflammatory diseases, erosion, and vaginitis.
  • Fighting overweight. Thistle meal is becoming increasingly popular as a means for losing weight. Plant-based drugs have a beneficial effect on digestion, normalize the body's metabolism and eliminate harmful substances.

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Despite the many advantages, there are also contraindications to the use of preparations from milk thistle.

  • The fruits of the plant are rich in calcium and phosphorus, the excess of which in the body can adversely affect the work of the respiratory system and cause shortness of breath. Excess calcium can disrupt cardiovascular function and heart valve calcification.
  • Absolutely contracted milk thistle in chronic asthma, mental illness, epilepsy, depression.
  • In acute cholecystitis and cholangitis, accompanied by blockage of the bile ducts and liver failure in developing cirrhosis of the liver should not be used milk thistle.
  • With care it is required to use broths of a thistle in the choleretic purposes. If gallstones are too large, they can clog the bile ducts.
  • Treatment of urolithiasis with the help of milk thistle must begin with small doses and increase gradually.
  • It is not recommended to use drugs for children under the age of four years and pregnant women.

To avoid undesirable consequences, prior to treatment of milk thistle, you should consult with your doctor, identify possible risks and determine the optimally acceptable dosage.

Harm thistle meal for the body

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If prior to the use of milk thistle to consult with your doctor, to consider all cases in which the use of the drug is undesirable, harm to the body is practically impossible. Rare side effects can be associated with individual intolerance and can be expressed as discomfort in the abdominal area and diarrhea.

How to use milk thistle - instruction

For therapeutic purposes, thistle meal is used as follows. One teaspoon is washed down with plenty of water three times a day, half an hour before meals. The maximum course of treatment lasts about 40 days, after which a break of two weeks is necessary. Depending on the diagnosis, the number of courses may vary. But it is recommended that there are not more than four.

Milk thistle is also effective in the prevention of liver diseases. The scheme of application is simple: 1 teaspoon of the drug is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach with plenty of water. The average duration of the course is about a month, but any treatment should be administered individually by a doctor, based on the patient’s characteristics and the course of the disease.

Milk thistle for weight loss

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Exerting a beneficial effect on the body's systems, milk thistle is an effective means to get rid of unwanted pounds:

  1. Milk thistle removes accumulated harmful substances from the body.
  2. Thanks to silubin, the liver is cleansed, which helps to process fats, and not to accumulate in the body.
  3. The laxative properties of the leaves helps in the fight against extra pounds.
  4. The composition of seeds includes silymarin, which is a powerful antioxidant. It will help keep the skin in tone, as a dramatic weight loss often provokes its sagging and flabbiness.
  5. The main condition for successful weight loss - the correct metabolism. And then there is just no assistant better than milk thistle.
  6. Milk thistle meal helps to normalize hormones. Problems in this area are also often the cause of overweight.

To lose weight quickly and do not harm the body, you need to follow some of the rules of reception:

  • To speed up the process of getting rid of extra pounds in addition to the meal, you can take a decoction of dandelion. This will speed up the metabolism.
  • Milk thistle seeds are consumed on 1 teaspoon with a glass of warm water before meals four times a day.
  • Allowed to receive tea from seeds.
  • Thistle treatment should not exceed three weeks, after which a two-week break should follow.
  • In order for the treatment to bring proper effect, you need to abandon fatty, canned food and fast food.

Milk thistle to treat and clean the liver

Much has been said about the benefits of milk thistle meal. The therapeutic effect on the organ is due to silymarin, which is part of the seed.

Silymarin is an antioxidant complex that improves metabolism, as well as helps the liver to fight bacterial and viral infections, to resist the negative effects of alcohol, toxins.

The use of milk thistle meal activates the process of recovery of hepatocytes. Using thistle for medicinal purposes it is important to know that silymarin collapses at temperatures above +60 ° C. Consequently, it is useless to use tea, decoction or seed oil for medical purposes.

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Milk thistle children

Herbal medicine is suitable for treating children, but their body's response to herbs may differ from that of an adult. The main rule - do no harm.

  • When treating a child with herbs, use only pharmaceutical preparations that have undergone the necessary purification and processing.
  • Before the beginning of treatment, it is necessary to coordinate the details with the pediatrician.
  • With extreme caution should be taken to the use of herbal drugs, if the child is prone to allergic reactions.
  • It is preferable to use such methods of herbal medicine as inhalation and rinse.
  • There are few contraindications to taking a meal, but it is not worth using it for treating children under three years old. Some doctors believe that the use of milk thistle is permissible only for children after twelve years.

In any case, the drug should be coordinated with your doctor.

It is no coincidence that milk thistle is called a miracle of nature, its gift. The use of plants will help in the treatment of many diseases and their prevention, if you consult with your doctor and choose the best set of measures.

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