Milota of the day: Galkin showed a happy walk with children

The showman posted on his page another video imbued with simple family happiness.

And as soon as he succeeds? The videos that Maxim Galkin shoots are more touching to one another. One and a half million followers of his blog on Instagram don't tire of reminding the artist what a wonderful family he has: a beautiful wife, wonderful children. “Lisa is such a beautiful girl! Such, it seems, only in the paintings of medieval artists saw, "- admire the fans. Many admit that Instagram Galkina - the first thing they start the day with. Like, positive positive for a long time.

Maxim does not upset his fans and regularly pampers all new and new family leisure videos. So another time came: parents and children went for a walk in the woods. Alla Borisovna is ahead, holding Harry by the hand. "Mom and son are going," - says Maxim. “And we?” - a daughter looks into his eyes. “And we are going,” the dad replies.

The next scene is already on the beach.Lisa is tired to go, so she rides her dad. Alla Borisovna still walks ahead without saying a word. Or we just do not hear? It is interesting, by the way, who is shooting a video, since mom’s back is in front, and Dad’s hands are busy. However, fans of the star family is not too worried.

“Bozhechki, what wonderful kids! May God bless them with health, and the rest will be given to them by wonderful parents, ”they are touched in comments.

Video Maxim simply called “Happy Walk”. That's what it looks like.

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