Mini crochet tracery

Openwork mini crochet pareo- knit crochet pareo for the summer, for example, to go to the beach.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn «Tenderness»(47%cotton,53%viscose,400m/100g)-100gofwhitecolor;
  2. hook number 4.25;
  3. tape.


  1. Art. b / n - single crochets.

Pattern Description

Knitting description

First, knit 7 motifs according to scheme 1, connecting them together in a strip in the process of knitting (the junction points are shown in the diagram by arrows). Then we tie the strip around the perimeter, combining motifs, as shown in the diagram.

Next, we knit the lower part of the product with a pattern according to scheme 2. In total, we knit 8 rows. Then, along the bottom edge, we knit a border according to scheme 3. Next, we knit the upper part of the pareo. To do this, on the upper edges of the motifs we knit 10 Art. b / n, and between motives we recruit 15 vozd.p. - 175 loops. Next, we knit a border according to scheme 4. Insert the ribbon into the holes of the border.

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