Mini stove from gas cylinder

Food cooked outdoors is always tastier, I think. I love to cook in the garden and for this I made a special mini-stove. It turned out much better than the purchase and has a beautiful appearance.

Making a furnace from a gas cylinder

Take a gas the cylinder is small, naturally empty. Open the valve and release the remnants of gas. Everything needs to be done only in the open air. Next, it is imperative that you fill the balloon with water so that the remaining gas comes out. This action should not be skipped on security measures.
Mini stove from a gas cylinder
Then, using masking tape, I measured the strip along which the door would be cut. He drilled holes for hinges and cut the door. Drilled large holes at the bottom of the cylinder for air supply at the moment of burning.
Mini stove from a gas cylinder
Attached the door to the hinges, fastened the bolt for locking. From the top, made a cut to weld a thick and flat plate.Thanks to which the heating will be even and you can put a pan or pan on it.

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