Mini terrarium in a light bulb

The popularity of small hand-made terrariums is increasing. A very useful and cute invention that does not require material investment, strength and special skills.  terrarium in a light bulb
All you need to create a green eco object is a desire, as well as a toolbox. So, for a home terrarium you will need:
  • An ordinary light bulb. You can take a standard "Ilyich lamp", or a special one for lighting large rooms. She looks bigger and more attractive. The main thing is to make the lamp transparent.
  • Stone, stand or silicone lining, which must be attached to the bottom of the light bulb so that it is stable and does not fall.
  • Tree bark , small stones, shells, sand for filling, drainage and decoration.
  • Sifted land, moss, small plants with root system.
  • A lid for close the bulb.
  • Tools: scissors, tongs, pliers, tweezers, screwdriver,syringe with water.
 terrarium in a light bulb
1. The very first step in creating a small terrarium is to make a light bulb. Spread a newspaper and wear gloves to protect yourself from splinters before starting any action. The difficulty of this stage is that it is rather difficult to clean the bulb. If you can't do it the first time, connect a friend or brother to the cleaning light. This is true if the terrarium is made by a fragile girl. 2. Use flat-nose pliers to open the upper part of the bulb, remove the contents with them, remove everything that was very neat there, carefully pick up the pieces to avoid injury. 3. Wipe the inside light bulbs with a long cotton swab. 4. Next proceed to filling the light bulb. Take sifted earth and sand. The second use as a drainage. Best of all, if the amount of sand will exceed the amount of land. This is necessary in order not to create an atmosphere of decay in an enclosed space. If there is no sand, you can only use the earth, but then you need to pour it quite a bit. 5. Fill the bulb with sand first (a little), add earth, small stones.Smooth, try to create a composition, connecting your imagination. Beforehand, the sand must be washed and dried in the oven. 6. Next, run the moss into the terrarium with tweezers or a long stick, “sit it down” in the sand and earth. 7. Now it's the turn of the plant. Gently plant it in the ground next to the moss, try not to damage the leaves and root.  terrarium in the light bulb 8. Add the bark of the tree, plastic figures or small shells to revive the>9. After the composition is built, pour the plants with a syringe and close the lid tightly. The lid can be taken from a cone with valerian, or use nuts, stones in the form of a gag. /17/1917-terrarium-v-lampochke.jpg "alt =" terrarium in the light bulb "title =" terrarium in the light bulb "> 10.For stability, the lamp can be placed on silicone feet, suspended or glued on stone.
 terrarium in a light bulb
It is better to put such a terrarium in a dark place where there are no direct sunlight. It can be placed on the desk, windowsill, shelf.It will be pleasing to the eye, will be an excellent gift or a home mini ecosystem that lives according to its own laws. A light cycle creates its own water cycle, which, evaporating in a closed space without air, turns back into liquid drops. They, in turn, feed plants that emit carbon dioxide. Thus, life in the terrarium develops.

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