Tiny dresser

For most needlewomen often raises the question of how to accommodate all the necessary details. I also encountered such a problem when I decided to try creating my own jewelry. All the shvends and other accessories needed to create attractive accessories should always be at hand, which, unfortunately, is not always possible. To solve such a problem, I decided to make a miniature chest of drawers that can accommodate all my trinkets and, at the same time, will not take up unnecessary space. I used this miracle:
12 matchboxes; PVA glue; paper for scrapbooking; plain white paper of A4 format; thick cardboard; beads;
wire; beads; satin ribbon 5cm; acrylic paint; scissors. The first step I took all the necessary steps with the boxes. To do this, from the chosen scrapbook, cut out rectangles corresponding to the size of the short side of the inside of the box. Gently paste them to the right places.
 paste them in place
Any sharp object we make in the middle of the hole and fix on it the handle of the future box.
 making a hole in the middle
Your p chku I performed well. on a small piece of wire strung one bead, leaving it strictly in the middle.  wire with a bead
Then, folding the remaining ends of the wire in half, twisted them and held them through bead.
 big bead Now we drag them through the hole in box and unbend the ends in different directions.  insert into the hole The outer part is ready. Now you should do the interior design. I used a satin ribbon and a conventional PVA glue.Cut this construction out of a piece of tape.
 cut the bottom of the box
Then, carefully singing the edges, in order not to sprinkle the thread, glue it inside the box.
paste over
While the drawers are dry, glue together the remaining three parts of the matchbox in a section of three.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/4/586-skleivaem-korobki.jpg" alt="glue the box and "title =" glue the boxes ">
With the help of foam sponge and acrylic paint, I toned the edges of the box, which will be visible in the assembled state.
 let it dry
As long as all components of the future masterpiece dry, you can do it bottom. For this, we cut out such a figure from cardboard. I have it one centimeter more than the future base of the boxes.
 base of boxes
Then, cut out the same square from scrapbook and glue them.
cut a square
The side of the structures where the grater is located,we glue the scrapbook paper with a rectangle.
glue the rectangle
 is a grater
With a piece of plain white paper, we fasten together all our boxes in this way.
fasten together
And paste all this to the preparation to the foundation.
 glue to the base
As long as the lower part of the future dresser for small items dries out well, let's take the upper duct. To do this, cut out such a construction from thick paper.
 from thick paper cut out
The square in the middle is equal in size to the box construction. On the red lines should be cut sheet. Now we wrap all the edges in a box and glue them together.
 stick together
I decided to glue the outer walls of the box with the same scrapbook.
 Outer walls of the box
The next step I decided to do the cover for the outer part of the dresser.To do this, cut two squares out of the corrugated cardboard: one is equal to the base, the other is 1 centimeter less - equal to the construction itself.
 do the cover
For convenience of further decoration, we paste over them with the usual paper.
we paste over paper
The one that is larger, over plain paper, carefully pasted over with paper for scrapbooking and glue the squares between wallpaper like this. (photo 24) I decided to decorate the top of my box with a motif.
 to paste over with paper for scrapbooking
That’s the end of the process.
decorate with motif
In parting, another tip. The bottom for such a dresser is also better to be made of corrugated cardboard. After drying up, my creation went down in a wave, as it was just a few layers of paper. As a result, you can store small things in boxes, and smaller things in the upper box.
 Miniature chest of drawers
A miniature chest of drawers
 Miniature chest of drawers with accessories
 Miniature dresser with accessories
In addition, such an article can be an original gift for a creative person for a holiday.
Miniature dresser

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