Modern engineering systems

If we exclude them from our life, it is difficult to imagine the connection of communications to urban water, gas and electricity. The operation of all these communication objects depends on the quality of the installation performed. Therefore, the choice of masters, who will begin the installation, should be approached very responsibly. The specialist should know not only the technique of connecting wires or pipes, but also be aware of safety standards. This is important, because not only should they be of high quality, but also be safe for life. Therefore, installation work should be trusted only to professionals.

Classification Features

All engineering systems and local communications can be divided into two types: external and internal. Proper location and connection ensures comfort and comfort to residents. Distinguish systems:

  1. Heat supply. It happens both the central network, and local.The main functional objects are the sources of heat production, elements for the transportation of coolant, devices that guarantee the creation of an optimal temperature in the room.
  2. Water supply and drainage. The supply of water to the object becomes possible due to the whole complex of mounting elements. It is accepted to subdivide water supply into fire-fighting, internal production, and also household-drinking. Drainage, in turn, is divided into industrial, township and urban. The main elements for the supply and removal of water are water pipes. The RAUTITAN pipeline systems from Rehau are an example of reliability, which makes them the best option for both residential and industrial buildings. By choosing this product, you can create a reliable plumbing that does not cause problems in the future.
  3. Ventilation and air conditioning. Thanks to properly designed systems, you can achieve clean air in buildings. Therefore, without them, it is impossible to hand over objects, regardless of the purpose (residential or industrial).
  4. Outdoor lighting. This is an important element for a comfortable life of a person.Wiring must be carefully planned so that there is not the slightest chance of a short circuit occurring. There are 4 ways of placing electrical equipment: on supporting installation cables, facades of buildings, suspensions, special supports.
  5. Gas supply. Installations are designed to regularly provide the population with gas in the right quantity. Gas is supplied through a complex system that includes a whole complex of facilities (for example, subscriber branches and domestic gas pipelines).
  6. Alarms and communications. Thanks to these systems, the security of the premises is accomplished, as well as the work of the fire alarm system, the Internet, telephone, etc., is provided. All this can work with the help of a low-current system consisting of wires and cables (mainly 25 V).
  7. Power supply. This is a complex of elements for the conversion, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. These components include: power lines, distributors, amplifiers.

Installation is done strictly according to the rules that allow you to ensure not only high quality but also safe operation.Proper installation is the key to a long period of use of communications. Therefore, to entrust the installation work is recommended to specialists in this field. It is better to choose companies offering installation along with their further operation. Installation must include commissioning, commissioning of the object and the addition of a guarantee for the entire project.

Internal installation of engineering networks

The process of installing communications is impossible without agreement with the special government agencies that control the household arrangement of systems. At the design stage, a detailed analysis is performed, and the main requirements for installing networks are determined.

Installation work should be done when the building is not completed (only walls were erected). It should be noted that the gas pipeline, sewage system, as well as the water supply system should be connected to the building at a distance of at least 1–2 meters from the location of their entry. In the premises of the pipe must be laid at an angle, which is determined at the initial stage of design.The parameters depend on the size of the components.

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