Modular picture from CD / DVD boxes

A simple and interesting project to create amodular picture from CD / DVD discsto decorate a room. The modular picture is universal and you can easily change the image.

Materials and tools:

  1. metal ruler;
  2. scissors (stationery knife);
  3. Scotch;
  4. double-sided tape (automotive);
  5. boxes from under cd / dvd disks.

Step 1

Let's get started with the selected image (photo). If you need to process the image in a graphics editor. And proceed to print.

For printing, you can also use the same image editor, printing on A4 sheets, and further cut to the desired size; or use PosteRazor.

PosteRazoris a free program that will be the best, perhaps, for creating paintings (posters) with the highest quality. With it, you can "break" into modules and print images of any size.

Specify the size of the poster and the size of the modules of which it consists. If you used PosteRazor, then skip the next 2 steps.

Step 2

After printing the poster, we trim the white stripes along the edges of the sheets. Next, gently combine the sheets in one poster with scotch tape.

Step 3

Let's turn the poster over and put cd / dvd boxes on it to determine the edges of the future poster (outline the edges); modular pictures look more interesting, if not smooth edges, etc ..

Let's turn over the poster and from the back side we will draw on the modules - the size of a box insert. Before cutting out the modules, we number them so that we don’t get confused and cut them out.

Step 4

Beginning with the 1st we put liners (picture modules) in the disc boxes and lay out the picture on the floor.

We select the place where the Modular picture will hang, and starting from the top or bottom we attach the modules to the wall on a double-sided tape (not office, for example, automobile).

The modular picture from the CD / DVD boxesis ready.

When you want to change the image, you only need to print it, cut it out and put new inserts (modules) in the boxes.

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