Mold raised to the rank of art: original work of a talented Englishman

A bit of felt, elements of volumetric embroidery and ... mold - this is what the talented artist from Bristol Elin Thomas creates his unique live compositions (). A creative approach to art and bold experiments with growing mold turn the filling of Petri dishes into an object of admiration.

Such an unusual hobby brings Elina Thomas and income. The price of his masterpieces the Englishman requests a purely symbolic - $ 100. For originals, able to appreciate the beautiful is a mere trifle. In addition, the acquired composition will change daily and look updated.

In order to see the beautiful in the mold and turn it into an object of admiration, you need to have the courage and have talent.

Anyone can grow mold, but it can be elevated to the rank of art only by the elect.

Meet in an unusual collection of an English artist you can and rings, an idea for the decoration of which also became mold.

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