Moles on the face can predict fate: examples of stars

If you have moles on your face, do not rush to gloss over them with concealer or concealer, because they can bring success and good luck!

Since ancient times, it was believed that birthmarks, or birthmarks, carry a certain meaning and can even determine a lifeline: a happy marriage, career success, fame and monetary success ... We argue about the plausibility of these opinions on the example of celebrities.

Moles on the forehead

Angelina Jolie
Photo: Getty Images

The birthmark on the forehead, according to most predictors, speaks of the great mind and insight of its owner. She can also testify about leadership skills and the ability to lead the crowd. Most likely, this person can become a scientist, researcher or politician, especially if the mole is located on the right side of the forehead. Like actress Angelina Jolie, who, by the way, at the age of 27 decided to retrain herself as a UN Goodwill Ambassador to help people and talk publicly about the problems of our time. If you have a mole on your forehead, do not doubt your abilities and make this world a better place.

Moles between the eyebrows

People who have a mole between the eyebrows, or, as is often said, in the third eye, are quite rare. And this is not surprising. It is believed that such a mark foreshadows its owners a developed intuition and even extrasensory abilities. But this is on condition that the person himself wants to develop such talents in himself. Otherwise, a mole between the eyebrows may indicate a good memory and a tendency to get as much knowledge as possible throughout life.

Moles on the cheeks

Eva Mendez
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A mole on the cheek gives a certain charm. Especially women. So most often the owners of such marks on the face since childhood are popular with the opposite sex. They themselves are also amorous and temperamental, ready to sacrifice much for their loved ones. They also often prefer family and personal life to their careers. There is no need to go far for an example. Actress Eva Mendes, meeting Ryan Gosling, easily threw a successful career to devote herself to her husband and children. And the most interesting thing is that a celebrity, in his own words, never regretted what he had done.

Moles on the nose

Ornella Muti
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The birthmark on the nose, according to experts, speaks of the optimistic and cheerful nature of its owner. Also, most likely, this person cannot sit in one place for a long time, it is extremely important for him to change the situation, meet new people and travel. There is a possibility that during his life he will want to change his place of residence. Surprisingly, the actress Ornella Muti, who never concealed the birthmark on her nose, decided to move from her native Italy to Russia several years ago. She, by the way, has already bought an apartment in Moscow.

Moles near the lips

Kate upton
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In the late 90s, almost all women in the world drew a mole above their upper lips. The fashion for this trend, of course, was set by famous women - supermodel Cindy Crawford and actress Natalia Oreiro. Also, by nature, the actress Kate Upton and the socialite Victoria Bonya have fly at the mouth. According to studies, such a sign in women speaks of a sensual nature, but at the same time of dedication and ambition. Owners of such a mole know exactly what they want from life, and achieve their desires, no matter what they cost.In addition, there is a belief that this says about a happy marriage.

Moles on the chin

Mariah Carey
Photo: Getty Images

Owners of moles on their chins are often, as experts say, family people. It is extremely important for them to find "their" person and have many children with him. They are also extremely caring and responsive people, ready to give advice to their loved ones and listen to all their problems. But at the same time they are able to stand up for themselves and even show rigidity, if necessary. As an example, we can recall the singer Mariah Carey, who can look incredibly good-natured, but at the same time rebuff her interlocutor if she does not like his question.

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