Mom redid the old wardrobe into something amazing. Daughter was thrilled

Laura Medicus is a designer, but second, not by importance, her profession is mother. Laura has an 11-year-old teenage daughter Sylvia. Like all teenagers, Sylvia likes to be alone with herself and with her thoughts. When it was time to repair the house, Laura thought, why not create something interesting in the room of the daughter. Laura wanted Sylvia to have a corner where nobody would disturb her, where she could hide and quietly read a book, chat with friends on the phone. She already had an old vintage wardrobe, which she was going to update for her daughter's room, but then she had a wonderful idea: to transform the wardrobe into ... the door to Narnia.

So, the closet ceased to fulfill its main function - storage of things, but became, rather, a decoration, a door, behind which there was a cache for a daughter. Open the cabinet door and see ... that he has no back wall.Instead, there is a passage to a small dressing room with a cozy seating area for the daughter.

Sylvia really liked this idea! After she told and showed her friends a secret, they began to ask their parents to build something similar in their homes. Indeed, the creative knows no bounds!

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