Mosaic countertops from old boards: Just see what a miracle it was!

The girl under the nickname madebywoodhand after graduating from the Pratt Institute decided to start their own business. She became interested in the idea of ​​building tree houses, but there was no money for materials; then she just started collecting old boards all over New York. The craftswoman managed to collect a sufficient amount of material, but then winter came and her project had to be postponed. With boredom, the girl began to make the countertops, the design of which soon brought real success.

During the winter, the girl had to forget about the project to build tree houses, but from the remaining lumber she began to make worktops with an original mosaic. One company noticed her work and made a good order. On the wooden mosaics the girl was inspired mainly by the patchwork technique of sewing.

The girl managed to gather up a lot of boards from all over New York

So many boards can be collected in one day

From these boards the girl decided to collect something original.

Before the completion of the tabletop, she could not even imagine what she would end up with.

She began to get interesting mosaics of various shades of wood.

Later, she realized that the main inspiration of her craft was patchwork sewing technique, those blankets that she had in her childhood.

This mosaic of oak and maple pallets is assembled in the likeness of the Dresden Plate.

Such a pattern can often be seen on patchwork quilts. The table top is made of pine and maple pallets

The same pattern, but from oak pallets.

The girl now lives in Brooklyn, but she comes from Birmingham, Alabama, so she does not forget about her traditions and southern roots

Now the craftswoman is already working for herself, but she approaches the future design of the tabletops more consciously, which even upsets her, because she no longer feels the ease and freedom of creativity.

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