Mother's Day Card: Flowers Quilling

Thought about what to make a gift for Mother's Day? If you know the basics of quilling techniques or dream of mastering it, a good solution will be a postcard. On Mother's Day in the technique of quilling you can make on a postcard graceful flowers and any patterns - in general, everything that women love so much.


Mother's Day postcard: “Flowers” ​​quilling

You will need a special measure-rule with round holes (it will facilitate the process), colored wrapping paper, multi-colored paper stripes, scissors and glue. The basis of the postcard will be a sheet of thick white or pastel paper.

Let's get started! First of all, from a piece of strip we make a drop - this will be the main element of the picture. To do this, we twist a fairly loose roll, fix the tip and with two fingers simultaneously compress the curl on one side.

 Squeeze curl on one side

Compress the curl on one side

Make several rolls of the same size, alternately turning them into droplets.

Paper droplets

Paper droplets

If we plan to make flowers of different colors, then the droplets should be multi-colored, in harmony with each other. A more childish version works - bright flowers of different colors, placed on contrasting bases.

 Make a few droplets

Make a few droplets

Cut out colored wrapping paper four identical squares. The more interesting the texture of the paper, the more original the card will be. You can make the edges of paper uneven.

 Glue four squares from paper of a different color and texture

Glue four squares from paper of a different color and texture

On each square we begin to glue the petals-droplets, creating flowers from them.You can make flowers of different shapes, which will be more to the soul.

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