Myths and truth about products

Salt must be removed from the dinner table, milk cannot be drunk by adults, eggs are the cause of obesity! What only fables do not tell about the contents of our refrigerators. An expert on healthy nutrition, Julianna Pliskin, in the book Myth-eaters explains where the false ideas about cooking come from, and tells you how to make the right choice in the store.
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The truth about a healthy diet

Love the French loaves and bagels, but stopped eating bread, because everyone around them says that the product is dangerous for health, because it contains gluten, which, in turn, damages the digestive system. Do not worry in vain. Gluten is gluten, a protein that is present in the grain, and only 1-2% of the world's population suffer from intolerance to a substance. For comparison: diabetes affects 7% of adults. Such statistics are given by the World Organization of Gastroenterologists. Who benefits from the gluten myth? Of course, manufacturers, because they thus attract the attention of buyers to more expensive, gluten-free products. The price tag on it is six times higher.Before you get extra bills out of your wallet, remember that gluten is found not only in bread, but also in vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, many types of cheese, herbs, rice and even spices. Can you eliminate these foods from the diet? Hardly. Another victim of healthy food supporters is eggs. They are advised to remove them from the table. Blame cholesterol, a substance that contributes to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Yes, there is cholesterol in eggs, but it can be bad and good. The first is dangerous, and the second is simply necessary for us. Which cholesterol is ingested after an egg meal depends on how the product is cooked and eaten. Fried eggs with bacon will reward us with bad cholesterol, and an egg boiled and eaten for breakfast with a green salad will benefit by replenishing the supply of proteins. So in horror stories about most of the inhabitants of supermarkets there is only a grain of truth, and even then not always.

Say good word about slim figure

Fans of modern fruit, buckwheat, colored diets also had a hand in creating myths about food. From eggs get fat! Such a statement is groundless, because one chicken egg contains about 75 kcal and 5 grams of fat.There is in the black list of losing weight and one very useful product. This is cheese. But what about it, because on the label of the product it is written: “fat content is 45%”. And then all 60%. Eat a slice, and add a couple of pounds! In fact, moderate portions of cheese are not able to spoil the shape. The frightening numbers on the label are related only to the proportion of dry matter. In other words, the product with 60% fat is composed of 24% fat. There is another myth for losing weight. It touches unleavened bread. Say, he is more useful than usual, and the figure does not spoil. In fact, all the finished bread does not contain yeast. They die in the cooking product as soon as the temperature in the oven reaches + 50 ° C.

Secret marking

But it can harm the wrong product. And then the main assistant becomes the inscription on the label. But it must be able to properly read and understand. So, the main symbol of quality on the packaging of cane sugar is the word "unrefined". But on the words, tricks, for example, "brown", "super-useful", "dark" do not need to pay attention. Look for the name of a type of sugar on the pack, for example, Demerara (a product with golden brown crystals), Muscovado (dark brown sugar), Turbinado (golden yellow), Black Barbados (it’s almost black ).Choosing milk, pay attention to the percentage of fat, it should certainly indicate on the package. See more than 3.5%? Note that this indicator in the product manufacturer increases, adding to it not cream, but vegetable fats. We do not need them.

Appearances are deceptive

All is not gold that glitters. This expression is worth keeping in mind when choosing products. Not always beautiful appearance accompanies quality. So, for example, the worse the salt looks, the more useful it is. The fact is that in dirty varieties there are a lot of impurities that will be enjoyed by the organism. When buying eggs, give preference to small ones, they are more nutritious than giants, since their young chickens carry them. Loved by many large specimens simply contain more water. A good cottage cheese - cream, and not snow-white color, at the same time, the yellow tint produces a product that has lain on the shelf for a considerable time.

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