Named the best series of 2017

Here are a dozen of the best TV shows of the year. In case you suddenly missed something, you have time to catch up.

1 place

Twin Peaks

2nd place

"Abandoned", season 3

The series is based on the book by Tom Perrotta about the world in which more than a hundred million people suddenly disappeared.

3rd place

"All the better", season 2

The tragicomedy of a single mother who brings up three daughters and at the same time tries to establish a personal life.

4th place

"Annealing", season 1

Dear Baz Lurman series about the 1970s South Bronx, where hiphop is born in the midst of slums.

5th place

"The Horse of Bodjack", season 5

Netflix’s first animated project about an anthropomorphic horse, in the past - the stars of a sitcom, which says Breaking Bad in Aaron Paul’s voice.

6 place

"Two", season 1

The 70–80s series about the sex industry from David Simon, the creator of "Wiretap", where James Franco plays twin brothers who control prostitution in Manhattan, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, a prostitute named Candy.

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