Named the most sexual movements in dance

The latest issue of Scientific Reports has published an interesting study by British scientists. They tried to uncover female sexuality through movements in dance. A group of students from the University of Northumbria were asked to dance to the song of Robbie Williams (this is not, of course, I'm Sexy And I Know It, but still!), And then recreated their movements using 3D animation, showed videos to the guys and violent reactions were video model of the most sexual movements. According to scientists, dance is a body language that tells the opposite sex not only about our good physical condition, but also about the state of the motor system, the vestibular apparatus, and even about ... the reproductive system (according to the amplitude of the movement of the hips). This is what a dance looks like that will not leave you unnoticed on any dance floor:

Well, and we thought that the sexiest is twerk and Dirty Dance ...

And this is a set of the most non-sexual movements, you can use it if you suddenly want to be left alone.

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