Nary Oksman threw Brad Pitt

MIT professor Nery Oksman, who Brad Pitt allegedly began dating, is in no hurry to take the place of Angelina Jolie. On the contrary, Nary finally denied all the rumors about a romance with a Hollywood star.

The famous beautiful architect is in a relationship ... with billionaire Bill Ekman and, apparently, is not going to change anything. So, last weekend Nari was spotted in Paris at the “Financial Cup” - a tennis tournament among professionals in the financial sector. After the game, Nari and Bill went to a party where they behaved exclusively as a couple. “Bill won the tournament and won the girl. Brad will have to swing the racket tirelessly and get a couple of diplomas if he wants to meet with such a good girl and a beautiful woman, ”Nery Oksman, a fan, commented on the situation. “Bill plays tennis well, but, to be honest, his plane is much more important for the team than his backhand,” one of Bill's friends jokingly appreciated his contribution to the team game.

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