Needle Box

It seems very easy to sew the needle bed in the form of a square pad. But the needlewoman always wants something unusual and it is even necessary for creative inspiration. More complex versions of needle beds provide sewing soft toys in the form of hedgehogs and other animals. But if there is absolutely no time for sewing toys, but urgently needed, then you can sew a needle bed in a matter of minutes. In this workshop we will sew a round needle bed that looks like a flower. For sewing we need: • cotton 100%; • • threads; • needle for sewing and large needle; • • synthetic winterizer; • • scissors; • • pencil; • • beads for decoration; • glue gun. We will also thread pull the cushion, dividing it into sectors that mimic the petals of the flower. You can take some other material for this purpose, for example, a waxed cord, a tape, etc. The main thing is that this material is very durable and does not tear.
 for the needle bed you will need
We fold the fabric in two layers face down. We draw a round object with a pencil, the diameter of which coincides with the desired size of the cushion.In the master class, the diameter is 10 cm. Cut the workpiece with scissors, leaving allowances.
 cut the circle
Let's connect the two parts with a sweep-stitch so that it is convenient to sew further.
We fold the fabric in two layers
Fully sew two parts with an old seam, making the same stitches and tightening them tightly. You can stitch on a typewriter.
 We are pulling the thread
We are pulling the thread, which was swept away by the details. We make an incision of 3-4 cm only on one side of the fabric in the center.
 Turning the blank
Turning the blank, straightening the edges and starting to fill it evenly with a synthetic padding. We begin to do this by paving the pieces of the sintepon from the edge and closer to the center until we put a cushion against it.
 we fill
We sew the incision when we finish stuffing the pad. Perhaps it will turn out not quite perfect - it depends on the quality of the fabric.But we will hide all the flaws in the seam and decorate it with beads.
 We sew an incision
Take a large needle, thread a very long thread that needs to be folded in half. At the end of the thread we tie a knot. We begin to divide the pillow into sectors. To do this, insert the needle in the center and remove it from the reverse side, then again we thread it from top to bottom and carefully tighten. For one such strip, we make three circles and continue, going to the opposite side. First we close the seam with threads, and then we move on. We make sure that the needle constantly gets into the same hole from the top as well as from the bottom. If the thread has run out and you have not yet tightened the required number of sectors, just tighten the knot right next to the fabric and cut the thread. Thread the needle into the needle again and continue to tighten. You can make as many sectors as you like. It all depends on the diameter of the pads.
 Sew an incision
 We begin to divide the pillow into sectors
 Starting to divide the pillow into sectors
The central part, where the bundle of threads is located,Decorate with a large bead, both in the upper part and in the bottom. So we hid the wrapped bundle.
 decorate with a bead
At the top, add more beads in the direction from the center, gradually reducing the diameter of beads.
decorate with a bead
The needle house is ready to fulfill its mission!  Needle
 Needle bed

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