New life of old purse

There is a popular belief that money is in a hurry to get into a beautiful, ornate wallet.

Each of us has the opportunity to check this statement on himself. It is not necessary to rush to throw out the purse that you use, and strive to acquire a new one. After all, it can be transformed and made more attractive. We offer several useful tips.

The skinned wallet will change beyond recognition after the application on it, created on the basis of figures cut from leather or suede, is applied to it. To do this, carefully place one of the seams on the product and begin to create a pattern on the surface of pre-cut out details - hearts, leaves, apples. The main requirement is that your figures should be rounded and have no sharp corners.

Now we are doing everything to ensure that the drawing comes to life. If the application of leaves and hearts need to be laid in the middle of the seam, which is displayed outside the part - this will be the cutting.On both sides of the seam, your leaves should be easily bent down - that is, to be as real. For attaching flowers, small buttons will be useful - correctly selected, they look very original. When the drawing is completed, the incision made before the start of work is sewn up.

Retro style never goes out of style. In order to get the reticule that our grandmothers used to wear, it will be necessary to find a long-abandoned purse, with beads used as fasteners. If its appearance is unsightly, update the product. To do this, you will have to take an atlas with guipure or lace, impose on each other and carve out new details. A new top is sewn with invisible stitches, along the laid side seam, to the bar on which the clasp is held. For the new reticule, you will definitely need a soft fabric for the lining and, of course, decoration. Chaotically arranged small transparent beads look attractive on a lace canvas.

Your new purse of textile will play with new colors, if an interesting pattern made on the basis of beads or sequins appears on it. Sew on their metallized floss.

Getting started with creating a pattern on paper.You can depict a variety of flowers, or always attractive "Turkish cucumbers". Fashionable ideas are easily gleaned on popular Internet resources — this way you will create your unique women's purse based on already proven ideas and combinations.

To make the work look neater - without knots, we recommend using a little trick. Take the needle with the thread and gently pull a few strings on the cloth purse. The task is to pull the thread out of the fabric with a needle and thread it into the eyelet. Now it was the turn to transfer the drawing to the surface of the purse. Sew beads and sequins, without piercing the material, but only grabbing a few threads. Finish the job by hiding the bundle under the paillette.

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