New life of the old lamp

Materials and tools:

  1. lamp (old-fashioned, burned-out incandescent or from appliances);
  2. LEDs (any color);
  3. resistors (depending on the LED and power supply)
  4. dremel;
  5. hot glue gun (or silicone glue).

Step 1

Take the lamp and Dremel carefully cut off the base of the paw (or disassemble the lamp). An insulating material (or glue) can be applied to the glass inside the lamp. It should be carefully cleaned to the inner glass partition if dust gets inside the lamp, do not worry - it will be interesting to glow when it is on. &Nbsp;

Warning:when working with Dremel and cleaning do not forget about protection - glasses, gloves.

Step 2

Take the LED and glue it to the inner glass partition - place the LED on the partition and fill it with glue (the glue should be transparent) - wait until the glue hardens.

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