New "serious" novel by Di Caprio: the model has an unlucky 13th

Hollywood handsome does not change his tradition - Leonardo spun with a leggy blonde.

DiCaprio is known for his weakness for long-legged blonde-models. Not one dozen beauties have been in his hot embraces, but none of them have been able to make the famous Lovelace settle down.

But, apparently, the loving Leo himself began to lose ground. In relations with the 25-year-old model Nina Agdal, he was not the initiator of the separation! Danish beauty traded 42-year-old DiCaprio to almost the same age as 22-year-old novice actor Jack Brinkley-Cook.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Leonardo may have been surprised by the girl’s deed, but he did not grieve for a long time. Within a few weeks, he was seen in the company of a 23-year-old German fashion model, Lorain Ray. However, the girl had not long to enjoy the company of the Hollywood actor.Now DiCaprio is heading into a new novel. In the list of "serious" and those that are known to the press, it is listed at number 13.

The star of the star was a beginner model Elizabeth Turner. Paparazzi caught a sweet couple on holiday in Saint-Tropez: Leo and Elizabeth were cooing cute on the deck of a yacht.

The girl turned 23 years old, in the model world, she is not so well known, but she can replenish the list of "beloved wives" of the famous model hunter. And the list-harem Leonardo is impressive.

Photo: Legion Media

The first conquered peak can be called the little-known model Bridget Hall. Their romance was very short - just a couple of weeks. Then the novels went in order with Kristen Zang, Amber Valletta, Eva Herzigova and, finally, Gisele Bundchen. It was the longest relationship in the love story of DiCaprio - the whole five years! The Israeli model Bar Rafaeli was no less tenacious than Giselle. Stormy relations for five years, parting and treason Leo, pleas for forgiveness and requests to return completely exhausted the poor girl, and she left the actor. About a year, DiCaprio met with the model of Erin Heatherton, but the couple broke up - by the way, very peacefully.New passion - a charming blonde Tony Garrn - felt sorry for the entire female part of the population of Hollywood, who knew about the temperament of Leonardo. The girl really fell in love with a star, but for DiCaprio she, apparently, was another hobby. Next on the list is Kelly Rohrbach, nicknamed Legs in the modeling business. After the break with the Danish model Nina Agdal Leonardo DiCaprio, as you see, it was not a long time alone.

I wonder if the actor will ever settle down and if there is a girl who will win his heart once and for all. What makes DiCaprio so carelessly and without shame conscience change girls, regardless of their feelings?

What does the expert think?

Psychologist, leading sex trainer of Moscow Ekaterina Fedorova:

- It's no secret that celebrities change partners very often, referring to the cooled love. In fact, there is a sort of men who change women for their own benefit. New relationships are new emotions, passion and the opportunity to once again prove to be a hero. Men are conquerors, they want to conquer, but when the goal is already defeated, life becomes dull and gray for them.Leonardo has everything: money, fame, women, due to all this he asserts himself. It is also possible that in this way the actor maintains his image, though not quite, in my opinion, positive.

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