New shelf from an old box

It happens in the household, well, just need a new shelf. However, this is not cheap and, as a rule, the purchase is postponed indefinitely. What to do? I think, in this case, our imagination and ... the old vegetable box will come in handy. Do not be surprised, because the fashionable world tendency to give the old and, at first glance, unnecessary things, a second life - will be useful in our case. And so we will need for work: - vegetable box; - corrugated cardboard; - three-layer napkins; - cardboard basis for the box; - wood stain;- paint; - PVA glue; - acrylic lacquer. To begin with, let's put the box in order. You need to clean it, polish it, if you have a picture - remove it with sandpaper.
 tidy up the box
Stain (choose a color at will ) cover the entire surface of the box inside and out.
is covered stain
Now let's take the bottom of the box.I made an imitation of a brick wall, for this we need corrugated cardboard. First, draw rectangles of 24 x 6 cm (the size of a recumbent brick) on a piece of cardboard.
 made an imitation of a brick wall
Cut through lines and get a stack bricks.
get a stack of bricks
We measure the base on the bottom of the box. I took a sheet of the old calendar, it turned out to be quite dense, which would put bricks on it.
 measure the basis
In a chessboard order we glue bricks on the basis, not forgetting to leave between them gap. I used my own finger, but you can use the ruler.
 glue bricks on the base
Cut off the excess and take a three-layer napkin.
Excess cropped
We crush it and, spreading the base with bricks beforehand, we apply. As a result, we get a wrinkled (without fanaticism) surface.We glide over from the top again.  we get a wrinkled surface
After complete drying, we undertake painting a brick element. For this, I used all the tighter stain. Completely covered the surface and allowed to dry again.  take on painting Now white paint (color again pick up individually) we go through the hollow strips between the bricks.
go through the with a hollow
This is what happened.
 That's what happened
However, the color did not seem too dark, so I, with the help of a kitchen sponge, caused chaotically white spots.
 caused chaotically white spots
Covered everything with acrylic lacquer and I received such an element of a brick wall.
 Covered everything with acrylic varnish
Now we paste the base into the box. After pasting the bricks, my box merged into one brown spot, and I decided to paint the inner walls and the end of the box with a brush with white paint.This wonderfully shaded the foundation and gave the general picture a touch of antiquity, such a "shebbie chic." paste the base into the box I had two boxes and that's how they played on the wall.
 New shelf from the old box
It's very convenient and unusual. I think you need my experience. Be creative and get up. Good luck!

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