New trends from the club Maisons du Monde {FOLK}

Tips, decor, workshop, interior

The authors of the collection are Sabine and Céline. This colorful collection invites you on a journey, recalling the distant horizons and amazing secrets for which the East is famous. This trend is like a book about exotic culture, revealing that you instantly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a mysterious country. Tone of precious stones and aromas of spices break into habitual life, dissolving without a trace boredom and everyday life. The shades of pomegranate, plum, lime and azure are combined with the drawings and finishes typical of the countries of the Far East and Southeast Asia. br> In order for such an ethnics to play in full force, add a few authentic items to the fireworks of colors, even if they are quite small, such as dishes and figurines. A lot of pillows and bright fabrics will complement the interior with the charm of exquisite bliss.

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