New year appliqué of buttons

The approach of the New Year is an event to which it is impossible to remain indifferent. When, if not now, is it best to start preparing crafts for your friends and relatives, for decorating your home, school and kindergarten and to participate in numerous New Year's competitions?

You can use the most unexpected materials to create interesting crafts. A good example of this is the New Year's appliqué made of buttons, which can be used both as decorative elements and as a basis for a picture.

So, you can have a very beautiful Christmas tree made of buttons of different shades of green.

 New Year's applique of buttons

New Year applique of buttons

What else is needed:

  • cardboard (white, brown and lime);
  • brown pugs itches;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • glue;
  • decorative stars and snowflakes, as well as other small figures - Santa Claus's staffs , stones,hearts.
 Materials for crafts

Materials for crafts

Getting started.

 Dense foundation for crafts

A solid base for crafts

 Christmas tree contour

Christmas tree contour

Cut out the body of the Christmas tree from light green cardboard, from a brown one - a small trunk. We connect these parts by sticking them on a white cardboard sheet.

 Coloring the Christmas Tree

Coloring the Christmas Tree

Now we make the crown of the Christmas tree with green buttons. The more different buttons that differ in color and size, you use, the more interesting the tree will look - it will turn out to be more lively.

Different-sized green buttons

Different-colored green buttons size

Brown buttons overlay the tree trunk.

 Barrel of brown buttons

Barrel of brown buttons

Decorate the top with a decorative star (you can take a button in the shape of a star).

 Top - asterisk

Top - asterisk

If you wish, you can dress up our Christmas tree - glue small figures (hearts, posoches, beads). You can use miniature bows tied in satin ribbons or cut out of bright cardboard, as well as confetti, pieces of tinsel or “rain”, artificial snow.

The remaining space of the sheet is covered with small snowflakes - paste them or simply draw with a marker.

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