New Year in the house: how the stars decorated their Christmas trees?

Only a few days remain before the New Year, and in almost every home a Christmas tree has already appeared. What do festive trees look like in star houses? Many, by the way, turned for help to professionals.
For each field toy I was looking for a place on the Christmas tree.
Photo: @ gagara1987

Polina Gagarina has already installed a Christmas tree a long time ago - three weeks ago. The star immediately showed her creation. “I am looking for a place on the Christmas tree for a new toy and ... Herringbone, burn!” Polina wrote in Instagram. She put the tree on her own, for each toy she picked up her own place. According to Poly, the process of installing a New Year tree is almost a sacred act for her, so she does not trust anyone with the decor.

Gagarin does not trust anyone the decor of the festive tree
Photo: @ gagara1987

But Valeria, although she also set up the Christmas tree in advance, this year resorted to the help of professional decorators. “This year we decided to create the New Year’s mood earlier in the house, the early arrival of winter is having an effect.For the first time appealed for help in this issue to specialists in the decor. Just happy that I saved time, and the result is amazing, ”she wrote in her Instagram.

Valeria turned to designers for help
Photo: @valeriya

Our other compatriot Daria Pynzar ordered a Christmas tree for the house. The tree was brought to Dasha already in full dress - decorated with toys and garlands.

“Look, what a beauty, everything is stylish, in a European way and no tinsel from Soviet times. Perfect for a photo shoot with my collection of dresses. And most importantly, the Christmas tree was delivered already decorated with toys, 15 minutes for the installation and did not have to bother at all! ”- Dasha told subscribers.

Dasha has already decorated the Christmas tree delivered to the house
Photo: @ darya_pinzar86

By the way, many stars decided this year to entrust a festive decor to professionals - Alena Vodonaeva, Maria Pogrebnyak, Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova. But Olga Buzova has decorated a New Year's tree with her own hands.

“We ourselves make our life bright and colorful! And, despite the fact that there is no one at home except me and the dogs, I decided to also create a New Year mood in my apartment. And I really like what happened.And, most surprisingly, this is the most beautiful Christmas tree that I have ever had. May miracles happen on New Year's Eve. Let everything be okay with you, ”Olya signed her picture with the Christmas tree.

7 more Christmas trees from the stars!

What does your ideal Christmas tree look like?
What does your ideal Christmas tree look like?
  • Natural and decorated with their own hands
  • Artificial, because we do not harm the environment!
  • Designer - very beautiful, but expensive!

Share your thoughts on the decor of Christmas trees in the comments. Attach photos of your holiday trees.

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